Meet with a Peer Success Coach to create a plan for academic success. Our Peer Success Coaches are upper-year students from diverse faculties and student populations who can teach you key foundational study skills and strategies.

A Peer Success Coach appointment is an opportunity for you to:

  • learn about various academic resources and learning strategies
  • relfect on your academic goals
  • identify your learning style
  • develop a personalized action plan

At the end of your appointment, you can book a follow-up appointment with your coach or connect to another campus resource.

Peer Success Coaching appointments are available online. 

What skills can a Peer Success Coach help me develop or improve?

  • Study strategies: Learn effective ways to study, improve your concentration, or understand how you learn.
  • Time management: Create and follow a schedule, plan for study time and assignments, learn how to reduce procrastination, or set goals and priorities.
  • Note-taking: Take useful lecture notes, or learn how to create and organize study notes.
  • Reading skills: Learn how to read textbooks effectively, or how to skim and scan reading material.
  • Test preparation and test anxiety: Learn test-taking strategies, plan study time, or how to manage test anxiety.

Looking for support in other areas? Check out a list of other academic and life wellness services on campus and what they offer.

Workshop: Making the most of online learning

Learn about how to get set up for online learning so you can have a successful term! We will discuss how to use your syllabus and other resources in your online course(s) to understand the expectations, how to set up your term and find a routine that works for you using a daily/ weekly schedule, and how to set up your study environment. Please come with your questions for our Peer Success Coach who will be able to share their experiences and strategies they used to be successful in online learning. This workshop is delivered online in the first month of the term.

This workshop will be facilitated by a trained upper year Peer Success Coach who can share their successes and challenges with online learning and answer any questions you may have when it comes to being successful in online learning. Please have your course syllabus, time management tools (ie. agenda or online calendars) with you for this workshop.