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The University of Waterloo desires to create an environment that supports, nurtures, and rewards its members on the basis of such relevant factors as work performance and achievement. Discrimination and harassment are not conducive to this environment.

Policy 33

  1. Jan. 21, 2019Consent Week: Consent ClotheslineConsent clothesline January 21

    Hosted by Sexual Violence Response Coordinator, Amanda Cook, the Consent Clothesline event will bring individuals from the campus community together to express, through arts and crafts, what consent means to them and provide messages of support to survivors.

    Free snacks will be provided!

  2. Jan. 22, 2019Consent Week: Wen-Do women's self-defence lunch hour workshopWen-Do women's self defence

    This one-hour Wen-Do Women's Self-Defence workshop is a taster session of the full 2 hour workshop that will be provided in the evening.

  3. Jan. 22, 2019Consent Week: Wen-Do Women's self-defence 2 hour workshopWen-Do women's self defence

    Wen-Do focuses on women's safety and empowerment, preparing participants to defend themselves both mentally and physically, and giving women the confidence to deal with the range of types of aggression they are most likely to encounter in real life.

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