Equitable Faculty Recruitment and Selection

This training is open to both staff and faculty

The University of Waterloo is committed to employment equity, an ongoing process to identify, prevent and remove barriers in the recruitment, selection and retention of faculty and staff. The Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism (EDI-R) is focused on equitable recruitment and selection through the following key initiatives:

  • Providing training to senior level hiring committees;
  • Delivering in person and online training for selection committee members of faculty hiring committees, Canada Research Chairs (CRC), and Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC);
  • Developing resources to assist with faculty hiring, including an Equitable Recruitment and Selection toolkit for faculty;
  • Collaborating with Human Resources to embed equity in recruitment and selection processes for staff;
  • Working with key stakeholders on campus to collect robust data that will help to identify, prevent and remove barriers in employment processes.

Before you begin:

Implicit Bias Pre-Reading

Equitable Faculty Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

The Equitable Faculty Recruitment and Selection Toolkit was created by EDI-R to support faculty hiring committees utilize best-practice, equitable approaches to select the best candidate for a position. This toolkit was updated November 2021 to match the latest EDI terminology and includes recommendations on supporting Black and Indigenous Cluster Hires.

Equitable Faculty Recruitment and Selection Toolkit (pdf)

Equitable Faculty Recruitment and Selection Training Modules

Option 1: Asynchronous Module

Please register for the 'Equitable Recruitment and Selection Training for Faculty 2023' through LEARN:

  • To enrol in the training module, log into LEARN.
  • Select  "Self Registration" (top middle of the LEARN homepage)
  • Search through the listings for the training title, "Equitable Recruitment and Selection Training for Faculty 2023" and select it.
  • Select "Register" 
  • The training module will then be available to start
  • If the login fails contact learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca for assistance

Once you have completed the session you will receive a statement of completion that can be printed and saved as a PDF version for your records, as well you will be receiving an email stating that you have completed the course with your name, date, and time. We ask that you keep either the PDF version or email for your records and for verification purposes.

Option 2: In-person (virtual) Training

EDI-R and the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) Equity Committee have partnered in the development of a live and interactive version of the Equitable Recruitment and Selection training. It will encompass reviewing standard terms, designing equity-centered recruitment and selection practices, and formulating accountability frameworks for equitable recruitment, selection, and retention.

Please contact Monique Chambers, Acting Director Education & Outreach for any questions on the training modules or toolkit.