Strategic plan (2022-25) and Commitments for 2024-25

Goal 1 | Lead and facilitate culture change

Objective 1a: Build and enhance competency in EDI-R across campus


  • Identify and develop equity and anti-racism competency and capacity building resources for the campus community by April 2025

Objective 1b: Build and establish equitable, anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, policies, and procedures in the University of Waterloo


  • Implement 70% of PART recommendations by April 2025
  • Implement 60% of Scarborough Charter actions by April 2025
  • Develop a guidebook or toolkit on developing new or reviewing existing polices and processes using n equitable, anti-racism and anti-oppression lens by June 2024
  • Develop a Trans and Queer strategy by December 2024, including a Resource Guide for Employees that are Transitioning (April 2024)
  • Advance the Employee and Student Life Cycle Model using socio-demographic data and information from various sources

Goal 2 | Ensure EDI-R leadership is centralized, accessible, and accountable

Objective 2a: Define the organizational structure and function of the EDI-R Office and establish its annual procedures and practices


  • Develop standard operating procedures in the Office of EDI-R by June 2024
  • Engage in monthly professional development departmental discussions, focused on the principles that guide the work of the Office of EDI-R by April 2025
  • Develop a wellness plan for the Office of EDI-R

Objective 2b: Increase communications, visibility, and engagement from the Office of EDI-R


  • Develop and implement a communications strategy
  • Develop and implement an outreach strategy

Goal 3 | Increase the sustainability of the EDI-R Unit on and off campus

Objective 3a: Demonstrate the impact of equity and anti-racism work on campus


  • Develop an impact and evaluation report for the Office of EDI-R by September 2024
  • Develop an impact and evaluation report for PART by September 2024