Strategic plan

Goal 1 | Lead and facilitate culture change

Objective 1: Build and enhance competency in EDI-R across campus


  • Develop five anti-racism and anti-oppression modules by April 2023 | In-progress
  • Develop an anti-racism certificate program by April 2024 | On hold
  • Phase II of Program Area Leads (PALs) by May 2023 | Completed
  • Implement at least 40% of the President’s Anti-racism Taskforce (PART) recommendations by April 2024 | In-progress
  • Develop competency and capacity modules that focus on equity, diversity, and inclusivity by April 2024 | In-progress

Objective 2: Create scholarships, grants and other program opportunities for equity deserving students, faculty, and staff


  • Black Excellence Orientation Series for the new Black faculty members by August 2023 | In-progress
  • Transitional Year Program pilot project summer 2023 | Completed

Objective 3: Center equity community needs in campus environments and spaces


  • Gender neutral washrooms by April 2023 | Completed
  • Expand inclusive washroom amenities by April 2024 | In-progress
  • Free menstrual products by April 2024 | Completed
  • Proposal for multi-faith prayer spaces by April 2024 | On hold

Objective 4: Produce assets, unique to the Office and the University, that advance knowledge and expertise on equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.


  • Launch the Sankofa Network for Transformative & Community Research initiative by April 2023 | Complete
  • Produce five papers by April 2024 | In-progress

Objective 5: Integrate equitable, anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices in the University of Waterloo’s policies and procedures.


  • Implement at least 20% of the Scarborough Charter by April 2023 | Complete
  • Anti-racism response guideline by April 2024 | IComplete
  • Create a policy developing guide or toolkit by September 2023 | In-progress
  • Review existing policies by April 2024 | In-progress
  • Gender transition guidelines by April 2023 | In-progress

Goal 2 | EDI-R leadership is centralized, accessible and accountable

Objective 1: Define the organizational structure and function of the EDI-R Office and establish its annual procedures and practices.


  • Establish the purposes, roles, accountabilities, scope, and responsibilities of the units by December 2022 | Complete
  • Centralized database for complaints/case management by December 2023 | In-progress
  • Conduct an annual/biannual institutional needs assessment | In-progress
  • Conduct an annual/biannual evaluation of Office’s programs and initiatives | In-progress
  • Engage in one to two annual team building activities | In-progress

Objective 2: Increase communications, visibility, and engagement from the EDI-R Office.


  • Develop and implement a branding and communications strategy by February 2023 | In-progress

Goal 3 | Increase sustainability of the EDI-R office

Objective: Generate social enterprise/funding stream and develop partnerships to support programs.


  • In collaboration with WatSPEED, develop a professional EDI-R certificate/workshop by April 2023 | On hold