Resources for Trans Students

Updating name and student ID?

Mental Health Services

  • Counselling Services provides the option to request a queer/trans counsellor at intake.
  • OK2BME KW provides counselling,youth groups and education services for queer people in Waterloo Region

2SLGBTQ+ Peer Support Groups

Gender-affirming Healthcare Services

  • Health Services continues to offer Gender- Affirming Care . The aim to is to provide gender identify supports, coordinate transition related care all delivered in a safe space. Currently, transition related primary care at Health Services is supported by a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and a dietician.
  • Insurance coverage is available through UHIP and OHIP for healthcare appointments at Health Services for gender diverse students. UHIP covers fees for some gender-affirming surgeries but students must apply for coverage individually. Submit the Restricted Drug Use Form to Health Services for student plan coverage of HRT costs. 
  • For more coverage information, check Student Care OR phone: 1-866-369-8794 OR visit the on-campus Health and Dental Plan office located in Health Services (Room 1006).
  • Vocal coaching - feminizing & masculinizing sessions.
  • CAMH Toronto is a teaching hospital with a gender identity clinic, that you can be referred to through a doctor.
  • Rainbow Health Has has various resources and helps connect patients to information about queer-friendly healthcare providers.

Residence & living arrangement options

Residence Living