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Grebel housing information

Grebel is an enthusiastic residence that houses University of Waterloo students on the UWaterloo campus. Students in any year of study are welcome. Learn about rooms, spaces, food, fees, and important dates:

What do the rooms look like?

Grebel rooms have giant windows and versatile modular furniture. Imagine how you would make this space your own!

What are other Grebel spaces like?

Grebel spaces include a lounge on each floor, shared and universal washroom options, a games room, fitness centre, silent and group study spaces, a fireside lounge, new dining room and kitchen, practice rooms, and a library. Pull photo left (or right) to quickly scroll through.

How's the food?

Grebel's caring food services staff delight in feeding your soul through your stomach with healthy, delicious meals and snacks. You'll quickly find your favourites and you'll keep coming back for more! With Grebel's all-you-can-eat meal plan, you'll get to choose your own options daily from hot/cold breakfast, salads, main course options, special diet accommodations, fruit, desserts and beverages. 

Learn more about Grebel meal plan details.

ps... we have a brand new kitchen and dining area!

someone holds a plate with beautiful food over a buffet

What does it cost to live at Grebel?

Length of residence Fee (includes full meal plan)
8-month contract* $12,290
4-month contract $6,145

*Note: 60% ($7,374) of an 8-month contract is paid in the first term and 40% ($4,916) is paid in the second term.

*Note: Residence entrance awards available. Last year Grebel gave away more than $500,000 in student awards.

What is the due date to apply?

Grebel residence applications are currently being accepted! Part of the application process includes a group interview. These interviews start in April and continue through May. It's good to get your application in early (by mid-March) so that you have the best options for interview times. You'll also be notified about the deadline for residence entrance awards! If you're concerned about deadlines, send your application in anyways and we'll be sure to follow up with you!

There is much more to learn about Grebel. How can you find out more?

You can...

  • visit us! We offer personalized tours from student ambassadors, shadowing, and meetings with our Student Services team - both virtually and in person.
  • look at the FAQ page
  • follow our Instagram
  • contact us directly! Gemma Ricker (Student Life and Recruitment Coordinator) is happy to answer questions or provide an online link for a face-to-face chat.

Ready to submit an application? Our application is as personable as our residence. After submitting your application (to Grebel directly and not through UWaterloo residences), we'll be in contact to follow-up with a face-to-face interview. We do this so that both you and Student Services know that Grebel will be a good fit for you!