Frequently Asked Questions about OMMC

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OMMC members in classroom

1. My child has only played their instrument at school, they haven’t received private lessons. Would they still be a good fit for camp?
Absolutely! Many of our campers have only played their instrument at school, and they fit in really well at camp. Our instructors work with the campers wherever they are at in their musical journey, whether that is establishing the basics or working on more advanced concepts.

2. My child has completed their RCM grade 10 piano exam. Will they be bored at camp?
Not at all. There are many campers who are working on very advanced music, and we encourage them to develop musical skills that are outside of what they’d regularly do in lessons, such as improv, composition, etc. Additionally, many campers choose to participate in the ensemble that is not their primary instrument to develop another skill. Because many of our instructors are receiving undergraduate or graduate degrees in music, we can offer a very high level of music training to campers.

3. Do you have accommodations for campers with special needs?
Because of our low staff to camper ratio, we are able to give every camper the extra time and attention they need in order to thrive at camp. As long as campers can generally participate in all aspects of camp, we work hard to make it work for them to attend. This is determined on a case by case basis, so email us to discuss how camp could work for individual campers.

4. We don’t go to church. Do campers have to come from a faith background?
Although it varies year to year, usually about half of our campers come from Mennonite churches. Of the remaining campers, some have a church background from other Christian denominations, some have other faith backgrounds and some do not have specific religious connections. We try to make camp a safe space to explore spirituality for all campers, regardless of what experience they have coming in.

5. My child wouldn’t know anyone at camp and is worried about making friends. Would they be lonely at OMMC?
Time and time again our campers tell us that the great community is their favourite part of camp. They look forward to meeting new campers and embrace them as part of the community. By the end of the first day, you can’t tell who is new and who is returning!