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Undergraduate studies

The undergraduate academic program of Conrad Grebel University College complements the programs of the University of Waterloo. The college teaches courses in the following areas: Interdisciplinary Arts, English, Fine Arts, History, Mennonite Studies, Music, Church Music and Worship, Peace and Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Sociology. Upwards of 2,800 students from across the Waterloo campus also take courses each year at the college.

Graduate Theological Studies

Conrad Grebel University College and the University of Waterloo offer a conjoint graduate program leading to a Master of Theological Studies degree. The Theological Studies program is focused on a study of Christianity and the mission of the Christian church in the world, and is offered from an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective, within an ecumenical context.

Master in Peace and Conflict Studies

Combining rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship with concrete application, Master in Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) is a vibrant academic program that empowers students with the knowledge, research, and practical skills needed to contribute to nonviolent peace-building efforts. MPACS places a unique focus on the pivotal role that individuals within civil society play as catalysts for peace. The MPACS program is a course-based, professional graduate program open to both full-time and part-time students.

Continuing education

In addition to teaching classes at the undergraduate and graduate level, Conrad Grebel University College is constantly working towards continuing education and actively researching areas of interest.

Conrad Grebel Review

The Conrad Grebel Review is an interdisciplinary journal of Christian inquiry devoted to thoughtful, sustained discussion of spirituality, theology and culture from a broadly-based Mennonite perspective.