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Grebel cannot currently host in-person events, concerts, lectures, or other gatherings. Check out our events page for a list of virtual activities, including online concerts. Visit the UWaterloo COVID-19 website for current information and policies. Read Grebel-specific details about the College's response to COVID-19.

Follow Your Musical Passion

Explore the many ways that music is meaningful in today's world

Conrad Grebel University College is home to the University of Waterloo's Department of Music and offers instruction in more than 20 instruments as well as vocal lessons.

The flexible Bachelor of Arts program will allow you to pursue a major or minor in music, or combine music courses and ensembles with most other areas of study. Study performance, music history, and theory while discovering the ways music relates to technology, film, gender, and global culture. Small class sizes provide opportunity to get to know classmates and professors within a supportive environment.

Choose Music at The University of Waterloo

  • Community: Our music program is large enough to offer an interesting and vibrant community, yet small enough to allow relationships among each student, staff, and faculty member.
  • Music as an arts degree: Discover the ways music interacts with other areas of study within the Faculty of Arts.
  • Flexibility: A major in music may be combined with another program in any faculty as a double major, joint honours degree, or a minor. Music courses are also available as electives within other disciplines.   
  • Faculty and teaching: Our faculty is made up of scholars, composers, theorists, performers, and educators; all of whom are committed to excellent teaching.
  • Resources of a great university: For the past 28 years, the University of Waterloo has been ranked most innovative among 47 universities across the country.

Our Graduates excel

Amanda kind

Amanda Kind (Honours Music, 2006) Artistic Director for the KW Glee club

Mary- Catherine Pazzano

Mary-Catherine McNinch-Pazzano (Joint Honours Music and Drama, 2010) Accomplished Jazz performer and music teacher.

Matthew Attard

Matthew Attard (Honours Music & Business, Co-op, 2013) Talented percussionist and dedicated teacher.

  1. Jan. 15, 2021Winter 2021 Ensembles are virtual
    Virtual ensemble

    Virtual ensembles give students a unique opportunity to closely examine their own performance through recordings, and to learn to work with others online.   Five available ensembles will emphasize collaboration, team-work, and instrumental and vocal technique.  Guest artists and speakers will give presentations, and there will be small group instruction as well. D

  2. Jan. 13, 2021Winter Noon Hour Concerts to Focus on Songs and Stories
    Music @Home logo

    Music plays an important role in the Conrad Grebel University College community, allowing audiences and musicians to share and experience stories told through song and the hearts of passionate artists. After a successful Noon Hour Concert Series@Home in the fall, Grebel’s concerts will continue in the same format this winter 2021 term. Grebel is very thankful to Staebler Insurance for sponsoring this series.

  3. Oct. 27, 2020The power of music on emotions, stress, and mental health
    Cameron Slipp playing piano

    Good mental health is achieved through many habits like a healthy diet, exercise, connecting with others, expressing emotions in constructive ways, and the list goes on. Many of these habits can involve creating or listening to music. Of the many benefits music has on mental health, the most noticeable is the release of stress and emotions.

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  1. Jan. 27 to Mar. 24, 2021Noon Hour Concerts at Home: Winter 2021
    Music @Home logo

  2. Jan. 27, 2021Noon Hour Concert: Still Singing - Women Composers and the "Voices Together" Hymnal
    Anneli Loepp Thiessen

    As a member of the Mennonite Song and Worship Committee, Anneli Loepp Thiessen has spent the past four years helping to choose hymns for the new "Voices Together" Hymnal.  Sifting through over 10,000 pieces of music, the committee chose 775 finalists.  

  3. Jan. 27, 2021Hymnal Celebration with Sarah Johnson
    Hymnal Celebration

    Register now to receive further event information closer to the date. 

    Celebrate the release of the new Hymnal, Voices Together, virtually, complete with hymns and a presentation by Sarah Kathleen Johnson. 

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