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Programs in Music

*Almost any two Majors in the Arts programs can be combined as a double major. Also, many Honours Arts programs can be combined with honours majors offered in other faculties, as a Joint Honours degree.

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Church Music and Worship

See the UWaterloo official calendar for Church Music and Worship plans. For more details, visit the Church Music and Worship webpage.

  • Minor
  • Diploma


Almost all of our music courses can be taken as an elective by all UWaterloo students, including performance courses (Music Studio and ensembles).


Co-op is available to music students through Honours Arts, Honours Arts and Business or through a second arts major with Co-op, or with second Honours Program that offers co-op.

EDGE Certificate Program

EDGE, the University of Waterloo's new experiential education certificate program. EDGE gives Waterloo students in regular (non-co-operative) programs an opportunity to develop key professional skills, explore their career options, and market themselves to employers.

See a list of EDGE certified courses in Music.


List of First year Arts advisors.

For more Music or Church Music and Worship plan information or for academic advising, contact Karen Sunabacka, Music Undergraduate Officer.