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Inviting alumni back to perform, teach, and share their talents with the community and current students enriches the program. Music grads who have gone on to succeed in various fields in music not only demonstrate the value and 'real-world' viability of a degree in Music from Waterloo, but they can also offer current students advice and encouragement.

We love to hear from our grads. Send us your career updates to music@uwaterloo.ca.

Gabe GuerraHeadshot of Gabe Guerra

(Joint Music and Arts & Business, 2021)

Gabe set out an impressive path in music by sharing and refining his knowledge with the community. Living and studying at Grebel inspired Gabe to start his current business, a music school called Whole Tone Music. “Ultimately, I don’t think I would have started my business had I not pursued my degree in music,” expressed Gabe. 

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Steph at pianoStephanie Collings

(Joint Honours Music and Arts & Business, 2020)

A talented pianist, Stephanie currently works as a digitial operations coordinator for a tech company, butwelcomes the idea of working in a music-related career in the future. Outside of her job, she works with music producers in an electronic music space, and creates some of her own music.

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Caroline BordignonCaroline

(Joint Honours Music and Visual Arts, 2016)

Currently studying in Manchester, England at the Royal Northern Conservatory. After completing her Master’s Program in Composition, Caroline plans to actively pursue a career as a composer.

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 Marina Gallaghermarina gallagher 2019

(Joint Honours Music and Classical Studies, 2015)

Marina is pursuing her Ph.D. in Musicology, and is writing her dissertation on Pastoral Codes in video games at the University of British Colombia. After completing that Marina hopes to expand her Piano Studio and potentially become a professor.

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Melissa Pettaumelissa pettau

(Honours Music, 2014)

Currently enrolled in the University of Toronto graduate program for Musicology, Melissa has a particular interest in Medieval music. She has also been able to begin teaching, and loves making an impact on her students. After she completes her studies Melissa is interested in becoming a professor. 

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Nadia MazzarolloNadia

(Honours Music, 2012)

Since completing her Undergraduate degree, Nadia has gone on to do a Masters in Music at the University of Western and has taken on students through metal works and now her own studio MPress in downtown Kitchener. Nadia has also appeared on the tv show The Shot as a mentor, and is a talented vocalist.

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Emily in ForestEmily Yarascavitch

(Biomedical Sciences and Music Minor, 2016)

Talented musician and fiddler, Emily Yarascavitch has involved herself in many musical avenues, from teaching to composing to touring. She runs a successful stepdance/violin/fiddle studio and tours professionally with different groups as a freelance musician. 

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Mary-Catherine PazzanoMary-Catherine

(Joint Honours Music and Drama, 2010)

An accomplished and talented local singer, Mary-Catherine is popular on the Jazz scene of Waterloo. Not only is she a great performer, but Mary-Catherine is an excellent teacher both with her private studio students and her program Jazz in schools which reaches out to local high school students and connects them with the jazz scene.

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Amanda KindAmanda

(Honours Music, 2006)

Currently the Artistic Director for the exceedingly popular KW Glee club, Amanda has also released a solo album and takes on her own students privately. She is a beloved member of the Waterloo Region, and is regarded as an excellent teacher due to her dedication to students.

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Kathryn LadanoKathryn

(Honours Music, 1999)

An accomplished bass clarinet player, Kathryn has released a solo album, and an album with her duo Stealth. She is currently the Artistic Director for NUMUS, a local organization that provides concerts as well as many opportunities for young artists. Kathryn has also received her Masters of Bass Clarinet Performance from the University of Calgary, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from York University. As well Kathryn takes on students, as well as teaches classes at Wilfred Laurier Univeristy.

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Corey LinforthCorey Linforth

(Honours Music, 2013)

Currently a Music Director at a Church, Corey is also an excellent soprano and is a member of several ensembles. Such as the Spiritus ensemble directed by Grebel professor Dr. Kenneth Hull, and her newly created Eviole ensemble.

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Sophia Werden AbramsSophia

(Honours Music, 2013)

Since her graduation Sophia has gone on to do a Masters in Conducting at Memorial University. In 2016 Sophia had the opportunity to tour with the National Youth Choir in Alberta. Since then she has returned to Ontario and is currently a Hamilton based conductor and conducts the Oakville Children's Choir, while also taking on private students. Sophia also holds a particular interest in Body Mapping and is working at becoming a certified Andover Educator.

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Matthew AttardMatthew

(Honours Music & Business, Co-op, 2013)

Matthew is currently a full-time teacher for the Peel District School Board. A talented percussionist, Matthew can also teach a host of other instruments. His students are fortunate to have such a dedicated teacher, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

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Nicholas playing pianoNicholas Wong

(Honours Music and Statistics, 2020)

Currently working as a music teacher for an international school and as a freelance piano instructor, Nicholas has always dreamed of being a conductor. With a degree in Statistics, he also has a mathematical perspective on music.

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Christopher SnowChristopher

(Honours Music and Business, Co-op, 2014)

After finishing his studies here, Christopher went on to complete his Bachelors of Education and is currently a Music teacher in the Peel District School board where he has a position teaching music to grades 5 to 8. Christopher brings his passion for music and his positive attitude to the role, his students are certainly luck to have him.

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Alicia TurmanAlicia

(Joint Honours Music and German, 2007)

After completing both her studies here, and her education at teacher's college Alicia had the opportunity to teach music in Sweden. Since returning she has taken a position teaching within the Waterloo Catholic School board as Music teacher at a local high school. Alicia enjoys being able to engage and encourage students, while also being able to organize bands, ensembles and choirs. 

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Vasana AbeysekeraVasana

(Honours Music and English Literature, 2008)

After graduation Vasana went on to pursue a Master's degree in both Music, Clarinet Performance and English at the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University respectively. Since completing her degrees Vasana has taught at both the Maritime Conservatory of Music and Long and McQuade, and is regarded highly for her ability to teach multiple age groups. 

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Meaghan McCrackenMeaghan

(Honours Music, 2014)

Meaghan has been serving as the Music Librarian for the Kitchener-Waterloo symphony for the last year or so, before finally getting the position Meaghan volunteered with the past Music Librarian for a year, learning the skills needed and making the right connections that helped her finally get the position.

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Durrell BowmanDurrell Bowman

(Joint Honours Music and Applied Studies Co-op, 1989)

Durrell He was the first and only University of Waterloo student to complete an Honours BA in Music and Arts Applied Studies Co-op with an option in Society, Technology & Values. He has developed and taught 31 sections of 22 different university courses (especially ones on popular music and film music), written book chapters and journal articles, presented dozens of conference papers, contributed numerous program notes and reference articles, and developed websites and web content.  He also completed a Certificate in Computer Applications Development at Conestoga College and a Master of Library of Information Science (MLIS) at Western University. 

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