Worship Apprentice Program

Join a team of students to develop a worship service and take it on tour! The program consists of three parts:

  • a practical course (CMW 201 and its continuation, CMW 202)
  • a scholarship opportunity
  • attendance at a worship conference (for those who commit to taking both CMW 201 and 202)

CWM 201/202 Worship Practicum


This course is designed to give students practical experience and prolonged engagement in developing, refining, and leading an interdenominational church worship service. Student leaders in music, worship planning, tech, arts, and prayer will form a team of three to five members who will design two worship services over the course of the term. One worship service will be planned in consultation with a local church and a regional Mennonite Church to serve as a Sunday morning service. The second service will be an experimental evening worship service at a local venue. The professor and guest lecturers will offer framework and direction to facilitate the work of student leaders. The course will be offered in the Fall only. All travel and housing costs for touring and retreat will be covered by Conrad Grebel University College.
Graded on a credit/no credit basis. 0.25 unit each. See course outline.


  • Explore new structures and flows for worship
  • Nurture personal spirituality with the support of other students invested in worship
  • Develop and refine speaking, reading, planning, and music skills as future church leaders
  • Share and reflect on our worship backgrounds with team members
  • Practice Christian ethics in our interactions
    • Respect the dignity of every person
    • Work towards reconciliation with God and each other


During the first six weeks of term the team will meet for 3 hours each week at a time determined by the team. In these meetings, the instructor will give a brief presentation on the planning focus, and the rest of the meeting will be devoted to delegating, workshopping, and practicing speaking and musicianship. The MTS student chosen to offer the sermon will meet during Week 2. The second six weeks will be devoted to leading services in 3-4 churches or venues. A weekly worship journal will be kept, which students will use to write a reflection paper on the challenges of doing worship together at the end of term (5 pages, double-spaced). Students must be committed to working with others who may have different beliefs. The instructor is committed to including all students in leadership, including all races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Scholarship Application


Up to five scholarships per term are available to any current University of Waterloo student wishing to develop or explore their leadership gifts and interests within the context of Christian worship may apply. You must be committed to working with students from different church backgrounds. Students who commit to two terms (CMW 201 and 202) will also receive a scholarship to attend the Calvin Worship Symposium (or a similar worship conference) in January. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Kate Steiner, (ksteiner@uwaterloo.ca) to talk.


For Worship leaders (may be responsible for planning worship, supporting worship with technology, reading Scripture, or leading prayers):

  • Fill out an application with details about your home church or your current spiritual community, your interest in the practicum, your experience with worship planning and public speaking, your goals for the practicum.
  • Write a short reflection on the relationship between worship, the Bible, and prayer.

For Music leaders:

  • guitar
    Fill out an application with details about your home church, your current church, your interest in the practicum, your experience with music ensembles and congregational music, and your goals for the practicum.
  • Audition on your instrument or vocals from a lead sheet.  (More details coming.)