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Grebel has an enthusiastic residence community on the campus of the University of Waterloo! Join this friendly community of people who are dedicated to making Grebel an amazing place to live and grow. Meet some of Grebel's current students. Take an in-person or virtual tour. Discover leadership opportunities at Grebel. Apply now to live in the residence.


Study with and get to know professors in a community-oriented learning environment. Grebel administers the Music and Peace and Conflict Studies departments at University of Waterloo, and offers additional undergraduate courses in Arts, History, Mennonite Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Grebel also offers two Master's level graduate programs in Theological Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

  1. Nov. 24, 2021Alumni Award for Respected Educator Ann L. Schultz
    Ann Schultz

    Pursuing a career in music education was a dream for Ann L. Schultz (BA 1990) who was always passionate about making music. After finishing a degree in music at Conrad Grebel College, Ann completed a Bachelor of Education and began her teaching career at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in 1991, becoming head of the music program there in 1997.

  2. Nov. 3, 2021Grebel Joins Sustainable Waterloo Region
    Grebel's Green Team

    This year, Grebel officially joined Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Sustainability Initiative. As a member, Grebel will share and learn best practices with other like-minded organizations. Members work to understand the impacts of their operations on environmental sustainability and aim to build a culture of sustainability among employees and engage employees as sustainability advocates while also adapting policy and reducing impact through realistic sustainability targets. 

  3. Oct. 26, 2021The Memory of Lost Students Lives On
    Families of students gathered to dedicate a new student memorial garden

    For most students, Grebel is a place where friendships are forged, passions are engaged, and where dreams grow. It’s heartbreaking when, for various reasons, dreams are dashed and lights are extinguished.

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  1. Dec. 8, 2021Chamber Choir End of Term Concert - Fall 2021

    The University of Waterloo Chamber Choir sings a varied program including works by Indigenous composer Andrew Balfour, Indian-American composer Reena Esmail and Haitian-American composer Sydney Guillaume.  Other composers whose works will be performed include Healey Willan, Rene Clausen, Benjamin Britten and Morton Lauridsen. 

  2. Dec. 9, 2021Balinese Gamelan Ensemble Fall 2021 End of Term Concert

    Please join us for a joint online concert with the University of Waterloo Balinese Gamelan Ensemble and the Grebel Community Gamelan.  The video premiere will be released on Thursday, December 9 at 7pm, and will be posted on this website.

  3. Dec. 10, 2021Orchestra@UWaterloo End of Term Concert

    Please join us for the online premiere of the Orchestra@UWaterloo Fall Term concert.  The orchestra is directed by Daniel Warren, and this term consists of string players only.  Members include undergraduate students, grad students, staff, and alumni.  

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