Off-Campus Students

Off-Campus Associates are students who do not live on the Grebel property but want to have a formal connection with our residence community. Students in all academic years are welcome to apply to associate at Grebel. 

Perks of associating at Grebel:

  • Connecting with a residence community in your first year will give you a stable community to start off your university experience.
  • Associates can join Grebel clubs and intramural teams, participate in social activities, and enjoy delicious Community Suppers.
  • You can continue associating throughout your degree, growing the relationships that you formed in your first year.
  • You may associate with Grebel if you are on academic or work term.
  • Not only does being part of a residence community ensure that fun will be had, we are also here to support you through the not-so-fun times.
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What is the Associate program and how does it impact me

Associates are non-residents who enjoy many of the same privileges as any resident student, including full participation in the Grebel's academic, spiritual, musical, athletic and social life. On-campus associates are upper year students who live in the 32-person apartment building next to the residences, and off-campus associates live at home or in houses, most likely with friends they met at Grebel!

As a first-year, associates might host you and your roommate at their place for a meal, they might organize homework help nights, or be on your intramural sports team. These are students who still love Grebel and want to continue making it an awesome place to live.

Can I associate in my first year?

Yes! We would love to have you connect to our community. If you are commuting from home or living off-campus you can benefit greatly from the tight-knit community offered at Grebel. Grebel can be your home base between classes, participate in as many Grebel events as you like and make a ton of connections here. To become an associate you will have to fill out the New to Grebel Associate Application Form.

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How to become a Grebel Associate

  1. Apply online. When your application is received, you'll be invited to come in for a conversation. We'd like to meet you, get to know you a little, and give you more information about being an associate.

  2. Pay the associate fees.