Off-Campus Associate application for students new to Grebel

If you are a student living off-campus but would like to be part of the Grebel community, then you have come to the right place!

We encourage you to apply now. Applications for off-campus associates are accepted for each/any term.

If you encounter any issues submitting this form, please contact

A photo is requested prior to submission. This photo will not be published unless/until you have signed a contract with Grebel, at which time a photo release form will be issued.

Take Note: This application requires you to respond to eight short answer questions with a maximum word count of 200 words each. As this document cannot be saved within the application, please prepare your answers in a separate document then cut and paste them into the correct field when prompted. Below are the questions.

  1. Choose one or two experiences over the past 3 years and describe their impact/influence on you (ie: academics, sports, music, travel, art, drama, writing, clubs, faith experience, etc.).
  2. Describe yourself ─ your personality, qualities, characteristics, etc.
  3. What current issues concern you and why (ie: environmental, political, cultural, social justice, etc.)?
  4. What are your future goals and interests and how do they relate to your program choice at UWaterloo?
  5. Grebel encourages community engagement. There are intramural teams, clubs, choirs, ensembles, student leadership positions, chapel, service trips, musicals and much more. Where could you see yourself getting involved?
  6. Grebel teaches UWaterloo courses in the following subject areas: Peace and Conflict Studies, Music, History, Religious Studies, Sociology and Mennonite Studies. These courses address big questions of life, help us understand the world and inspire civic responsibility. As such, residents are encouraged to take a Grebel course (or courses) taught by Grebel faculty. As opportunities arise for you to choose a Grebel course, which subject areas interest you and why?
  7. Grebel is rooted in Christian values from an Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition. We promote emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. We emphasize the importance of reason and imagination, equity and inclusion, faith and action, integrity and personal commitment. In this community you will be supported and challenged. Elaborate on why you want to live in a residence with these emphases.
  8. Grebel is a community with students from 1st – 4th year. This is an important feature of our community. Share your interest and ability to make a multi-year/multi-term commitment.