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Catering for Events and Meetings

Catering is an important part of what makes a successful meeting, conference, or event.

The Food Services department at Conrad Grebel University College offers on site catering for events at the College. From freshly baked muffins for a morning coffee break to a delicious multi-course banquet, our talented team will work with you to create a menu that meets your needs. 


The Food Services department at Conrad Grebel University College is pleased to offer its catering services to the community for banquets, luncheons and receptions.

The college’s air-conditioned, non-smoking dining room seats 300 people in an attractive round-table style. Rental of the dining room includes use of the terrace, weather permitting. Situated next to the dining room, the 4-storey glass atrium is a unique place to gather for punch before a banquet. Dinner may be served any time after 7:00 pm. Dancing is permitted in the dining room until 12:00 midnight.

Conrad Grebel University College is not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Parties wishing to serve alcoholic beverages must hire University of Waterloo bar services to provide and serve alcohol. College policy prohibits the serving of alcohol other than beer and wine and prohibits the selling of any alcoholic beverages.

Facility Bookings

For facility booking and conference inquiries contact:
Laura Easson,
Bookings Coordinator


Final guest numbers must be established no later than 2 weeks in advance of a given event. This number, will represent the basis for invoicing. The cost of additional equipment or furnishings rented will be passed on as an additional charge. Events that run later than 11:00 pm will be charged an additional service charge. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is not included in the quoted prices and must be added where applicable. Arrangements for payment must be made in advance with the Food Services Manager. A deposit may be required.

**Please note the following price breakdowns are subject to change.

Catering Options

Nutrition Breaks

Nutrition Breaks



Receptions are occasions in which a light snack is all that is required. Prices are for food only and do not include linens or serving staff. These can be arranged for an additional charge. Prices are estimates based on a minimum of 40 people and will vary depending on the exact nature of the event.

Item Cost per person
Coffee & Tea and punch $3.58
Vegetables and dip $3.30
Hummus with pita bread $3.58
Leek artichoke dip with sliced baguettes $3.85
Spinach dip pumpernickel bread $3.85
Layered nacho dip with tortilla chips $4.40
Cheese tray with crackers $4.40
Fresh fruit platter $4.40
Assorted small cookies/tarts/squares $3.00/3 pieces
Assorted desserts (pies/cakes/cheesecakes) $8.80/piece

Buffet Lunches

Groups wishing to have lunch at the College have the option of going through the cafeteria line or selecting a special menu. Lunches are self-serve, buffet-style, and prices do not include linens or serving staff. Prices are per person estimates based on a minimum of 40 people.

Item Cost
Soup of the day $3.58
Dinner rolls $1.05
Salads - chef, Caesar, spinach, coleslaw, potato, cucumber, vegetables and dip, Mediterranean pasta $3.30
Cold entrées - bagel sandwich, pita sandwich, croissant sandwich, wraps, grilled chicken pasta salad $6.05
Hot entrées - chicken à la king with tea biscuits, quiche, lasagna, hot pastrami on rye, chili with cornmeal muffins $7.00
Fruit bowl $2.20
Fresh fruit salad or fruit tray $4.40
Cookies and Squares $2.20
Coffee & Tea $2.48
Bottled fruit juice $2.48

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

  1. Bagel sandwich, chef salad, fruit bowl, cookies
    $13.75 per person
  2. Soup, croissant sandwich, Caesar salad, fruit bowl, cookies, coffee and tea.
    $19.81 per person
  3. Soup, dinner rolls, spinach salad, quiche, fruit salad,  coffee and tea.
    $22.26 per person

Other menu items available upon request.

Dinner package options

Buffet Dinners

The choices below are designed for those special occasions when dinner is required. Items are priced individually to allow you the opportunity to design a menu that suits both your personal tastes and your budget. Prices include menu as selected, linens, use of dining room, and serving staff. Other menu items are available upon request. Minimum price per person is $30.00.

Buffet Dinners

Item Cost per person
Punch (served one-half hour before dinner) $2.48
Assorted dinner rolls $2.15
Appetizer/salad - Waldorf, layered lettuce, mixed bean, garden, Caesar, jellied, vegetable and dip, carrot, spinach, marinated vegetables, Greek, coleslaw, potato, tabbouleh, spinach dip with pumpernickel bread, hummus with pita wedges $7.15 each (3 or more $5.34 each)
Entrée #1 - roast beef, roast turkey, baked ham, roasted pork loin, wiener schnitzel, boneless chicken breasts, feta stuffed zucchini, black bean and feta quesadillas $14.30 each ($6.60 for additional choice)
Entrée #2 - chicken parmesan, beef rouladen, coq au Vin, pork medallions with mushroom sauce, salmon loins with creamy dill sauce, smoked pork chops $15.43 each ($10 for additional choice)
Potato/rice - baked, mashed, scalloped, oven roasted, rice pilaf $3.57
Hot vegetables - green beans, parsleyed baby carrots, broccoli or cauliflower with cheese sauce, garden blend $3.57
Dessert #1 - assorted fruit and cream pies, carrot cake, fruit cobbler $8.58
Dessert #2 - New York style cheesecake, chocolate pate, lemon semifreddo, black forest cake, hot apple dumplings, caramel fudge brownie ice cream pie $10.00
Coffee & Tea $3.58

Sample Dinner Menu

  1. Hot buffet
    $50.00 per person
    Assorted rolls, layered lettuce salad, vegetables and dip, roast turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes, parsleyed baby carrots,  peach cobbler, apple pie, coffee and tea.

  2. Deluxe hot buffet
    $70.85 per person
    Punch, assorted rolls, Caesar salad, Waldorf salad, jellied salad, roast beef, baked ham, mashed potatoes, garden blend vegetables, assorted pies, carrot cake, coffee and tea.

All prices are per person estimates based on a minimum of 40 people. Prices effective May, 2023 and are subject to change.


For further catering information contact: