Services for Grebelites

Two students sit on a couch with staff member Gemma. One of them is holding a yearbook, and Gemma is holding a Grebel pamphlet.

Grebel offers a wide variety of services to its residents and associates.

Professor Neufeldt and a student sitting at a table in the Milton Good Library at Grebel


The Milton Good Library has a collection of over 40,000 items, housed on the third floor of the academic building. Holdings support the college's teaching program, with special emphasis on Peace, Anabaptist-Mennonite Studies, Music, and Religious Studies. Certain individual Grebel courses are supported in coordination with the other libraries on the university campus. Microform, video and audio equipment are available for student use.


There is a lounge located on each floor of the residence for use by the students. They contain furniture, television, DVD player, fridge and sink. Students may reserve the lounges in advance for events such as movies or gaming. It is the students' responsibility to keep these areas clean.

There is a games lounge on the second floor. There are board games for the students to play as well as pool, ping pong and foosball. Students are asked to keep this area clear of personal items when they are not present. The mailboxes are housed in this room as well. The workout area is located at the back of the games lounge. The equipment is provided for the use of Grebel students, staff and faculty. Please be aware of your own limitations; consider working out with a buddy. If any equipment is in need of repair, tell the athletic representative to Student Council.

The upper and lower Atrium are also available for student use during the day. These areas are not available to students after lock-up. The Common Ground Coffee Bar is located in the upper Atrium. This is a pay as you go venue for the college. The upper Atrium is sometimes used for receptions and other events. Please be mindful of these events when you plan to use the space.

Staff running towards airborn volleyball on Grebel's sandy volleyball court at staff versus student volleyball game

Volleyball/basketball courts

Volleyballs and basketballs are usually provided by students. The volleyball nets are located in the Games Lounge. Please be sure to put it away when you are finished your game!

Temporary Employment with the college

Job possibilities for each term are located on the move-in page under Current Students.

Practice rooms

Since Grebel houses the Faculty of Music, there are several music practice rooms available for use. Music students are given availability priority until 10pm. Grebel students may use the practice rooms during non-signed out time on a first come, first served basis. The practice rooms are located on the second floor opposite the student lounge.


Parking fees apply on Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 7:30pm. Visitors must pay for parking at the prescribed rate through the ticketed parking system or the HonkMobile smartphone app. Ticket parking rates are posted at the entrance to the south parking lot machine requires exact change in coins.

Parking decals may be purchased by all Grebel residents, associates, Master of Theological Studies students, Peace and Conflict Studies diploma students and full-time Music majors. Please see the main office to purchase a decal.

Three students in a Grebel study room - one drawing on whiteboard

Study areas

There are several study areas located throughout the college. The main study area is located off the games lounge. It is fondly nicknamed 'the morgue'. There is also a group study room located here.

The library is an excellent place to study with carrels placed near windows where you can be distracted by the wildlife navigating the campus. Group study rooms can be reserved online.

The upper and lower Atriums are often used as study spaces. As is the back of the games room and the dining room.


There are two areas for lockers, both are located in the games lounge area. At the north end of the games lounge, lockers are designated for Music students. These lockers need to be booked through the Music department.

The lockers near the mailboxes are primarily for off-campus Grebelites. Students request a locker through Student Services and provide their own lock. These lockers are expected to be cleaned out at the end of term. Any items left in un-designated lockers will be re-allocated to the thrift store.

Laundry room

The Laundry Room is located on the second floor at the north end across from the Games Lounge. It is open 24/7 for Grebel Students. It is coin operated. Laundry cards may be acquired at the front office during office hours. A machine to load money to your card is located in the Laundry Room. Students provide their own soap. Students will strive to clean up after themselves as this room is used by a large number of people.

Front office

The front office is located on the second floor at the main entrance near the parking lot. It is open Monday - Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. At the front office you may:

  • purchase postage and envelopes
  • mail letters (but not parcels)
  • get change for the common ground coffee bar
  • get a new phone or phone part for your residence room
  • purchase parking passes for the term
  • drop off/pick up papers for Grebel classes
  • book a room or equipment (projector/sound system) for your Student Council-sponsored event or meeting
  • pick up a cheque from the accounting office
  • sign-up for storage keys
  • send/receive a fax (for a fee)
  • find out Grebel faculty office hours and locations
  • say hello to your friendly office staff


Conrad Grebel is committed to working toward accessibility for all students and visitors.

While each floor in the Grebel Residence can be accessed by an elevator, the washroom facilities in the Grebel Residences are not wheelchair accessible. Students who live in the residence are required to participate in the meal plan, but special diets are taken into consideration.

The Grebel apartments are air conditioned for students with environmental sensitivities and are appropriate for students with restricted diets, however priority is given to students who have lived in the Grebel residence for a minimum of 3 terms.

All classrooms are wheelchair-accessible and so is the washroom in the academic building.

The library can also be accessed by elevator.

Contact Student Services for specific information on Grebel's accessibility.

Visit Accessibility Services for more information on accessibility.