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International Students Welcome

International students are welcome to live at Grebel on the University of Waterloo campus. Since Grebel is a multi-year residence, students may choose this housing option and stay at Grebel for as many terms as desired. This housing option is ideal for international students who are looking for consistent housing and a good support system. With lots of activities, sports teams, and social opportunities, it's easy to make friends at Grebel.

About Grebel

Conrad Grebel University College offers a unique opportunity – combining a small residential community with a large, world-class university education.

  • Grebel is a housing option on the University of Waterloo campus. The Grebel residence is home to 140 students in all academic disciplines, first to fourth year. The residence provides an environment that nurtures and supports you while making life-long friendships.
  • Grebel provides three all-you-can-eat home-cooked meals each day and offers dietary accommodations such as vegetarian, halal, gluten free, or vegan meals.
  • Grebel facilities include practice rooms with pianos, silent and group study rooms, a fitness center, a games lounge, bright spaces, and a fireside lounge.
  • Affiliated with the Mennonite Church, students from all faiths are welcome.
  • UWaterloo’s Music department and Peace & Conflict Studies program reside here.
  • Undergraduate courses in History, Mennonite Studies, and Religious Studies.
  • We value community. Everyone is welcome here, and there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved and connect with one another.

Study in Canada

  • Canada is known for our diversity, commitment to peace, and innovation
  • Publicly funded universities
  • Comprehensive range of flexible and portable undergraduate degrees
  • Internationally recognized for quality
  • Affordable tuition and living expenses
  • Multi-cultural cities are clean, safe, and open to explore

About Waterloo, Ontario

  • Rapidly growing tech scene and vibrant start-up culture
  • Plenty of galleries, museums, festivals, and restaurants to enjoy
  • Countryside with farmers market and wide open spaces is just a bus ride away

 Where is Waterloo?

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All students who live and study at Grebel are University of Waterloo students.



  • All fees are listed in Canadian dollars
  • Waterloo’s school year begins in September. Terms are either 4 or 8 months, depending whether a student is studying in the co-op stream
  • Co-op can provide a student with the ability to pay tuition

For more information about undergrad residence, contact Gemma Ricker, Recruitment and Student Life Coordinator.

You can request brochures from Waterloo.

About | Study in Canada | Admissions | Finances | Important information | Waterloo's location

International Student Stories

Darley Dau in the Chapel

"Grebel là nơi chốn để lan tỏa tình thương, và chính những tình cảm chân thành ấy sẽ được hồi đáp bởi mọi người quanh bạn."

Meet Darley Dau. She is an Arts and Business student from Vietnam and one of the International Student Representatives at Grebel. Darley initially found Grebel because she had a developing passion for playing the violin and learning about music. “At Grebel, practicing music is very accessible and convenient; the practice rooms are just one floor down from my bedroom and I get to learn new knowledge and skills from the music community here,” she shared. “Being in the student musical and living amongst such talented people inspires me every day.” 

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Jane playing the guqin, a traditional Chinese instrument

「 Grebel 时时处处都有可以温暖你的人和地方,是远离家以外另一个让人感到安心、愉快、融入的大家庭。它包容多元的文化、鼓励积极体验和创办活动,是不可多得的充满着美好的地方。」

Meet Jane. She is an upper-year Honours Physics student from China and one of the International Student Representatives on Grebel’s Student Council. She has lived in many residences, both on-campus and off-campus, but Grebel stood out the most. “Grebel has a library, many music practice rooms where I can play my guqin, silent study spaces, student services, and a cafeteria all in one place. It saves me a lot of time running around campus, and it feels very safe,” said Jane. She also highlighted the diversity of events that students run as an opportunity to connect with one another, such as the Chinese Culture Hour she initiated where many students came together to create traditional art, practice calligraphy, and listen to traditional music. 

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Kassim Ibrahim

“Hayada WUSC waxey igu xirtay jaaliyad i taageerto kuwaas oo kaalin muhiim ah kaqatay nolosheyda.”

“Kuja hapa kupitia WUSC kulitoa jumuiya inayounga mkono. Wamebadilisha maisha yangu."

Meet Kassim Ibrahim. He is a Political Science student who came to UWaterloo from a refugee camp in Kenya through the World University Service of Canada (WUSC). As a resident of Grebel, Kassim finds that peers and Student Services make him feel safe to express difficulties, offering him unconditional support and reassurance. “Every person I have been in contact with has been helpful in some way or another, down to the kitchen staff who accommodated my dietary needs because of my Muslim faith,” said Kassim.

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Gia Zhou in Upper Atrium reading the newspaper

「 我最喜欢Grebel的地方是环境。这里有大且漂亮的窗户使房间变得明亮。这里充满了开心的人,能成为其中的一员让我充满了喜悦。」

Meet Gia Zhou. She is an Accounting and Financial Management student from China. She is particularly thankful for Grebel’s roommate assignment process where each pair is hand-picked by Student Services. “My roommate helped me integrate into life here. She helped me move in, toured me around campus before classes, helped me interact with new friends, participate in Grebel events, and showed me hidden gems around the city.”

Michael Wu in the cafeteria


Meet Michael Wu. He is a Mathematics student who first found Grebel through positive peer reviews online. Since involving himself at Grebel, Michael has strengthened his social skills, leadership skills, and musical abilities. He is the Social Convener on Grebel’s Student Council. “When I first moved to North America from China a few years ago, the adjustment was difficult. After living in Grebel for the past two terms, I have found myself again. I am happy to propel myself out of my comfort zone and flourish,” expressed Michael.