Peace and Conflict Studies

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What is Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS)?

  • A chance to learn about peace and justice by taking courses in a wide variety of university departments and programs.
  • An exploration of peace, war, nonviolence, conflict resolution, mediation, human rights, development, and other social justice topics.

  • An opportunity to learn both in the classroom (with over 100 PACS-related courses offered in nine participating departments) and through experience in the real world (internship program).

  • A program that recognizes equal value in both the concrete techniques and the theories of peaceful social change.

  • A holistic approach to peace education.

Our graduates become community leaders!

Since conflict is part of everyday life, our students use the concepts and skills learned in a diverse number of fields. PACS graduates become community leaders in areas such as conflict management, human resources, international development, teaching, law, graduate study and other disciplines.

Who are PACS graduates?

PACS graduates have gone into many careers and used their training in different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Administration
  • Chaplain
  • Community economic development officer
  • Graduate studies (e.g. Global Governance or International Development)
  • International development
  • Law
  • Organic farming
  • Pastor
  • Police officer
  • Policy advisor
  • Policy analyst (Canadian International Development Agency)
  • Social work
  • Teacher
  • Writer


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