About Peace and Conflict Studies

What is PACS?

In the Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) undergraduate program you will explore why conflict and violence occur, and understand how conflict can be transformed by "collaborative decision-making" to accomplish constructive ends.

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PACS Mission Statement

Within the parameters of the mission of Conrad Grebel University College, the PACS mission states: "In a manner consistent with Mennonite Anabaptist beliefs, the mission of PACS is to educate students to pursue peace and justice in the context of diverse investigations into the origins and nature of conflict and violence. The program strives to educate, invigorate and mobilize students to make use of conceptual and/or practical models to imagine and build a culture of peace between individuals, in our communities, among nations and around the world."

Program Learning Objectives

It is expected that by the completion of a PACS degree, students should be able to:

  • Support the development of entrepreneurial peace and social change agents.
  • Analyze the peace and conflict aspects of relationships, systems, and structures.
  • Apply peace theory to interpersonal, inter-group, and international relationships.
  • Explore individual philosophical, ethical, or spiritual motivations for engagement as responsible citizens and agents of change.
  • Understand the potential that all key actors in society have to contribute toward building a culture of peace and justice in the world.
  • Identify approaches and methodologies that shape and influence just and peaceful responses to conflict.
  • Promote an ethic of engagement in peace and conflict issues.
  • Engage conflict in ways that mitigate destructive dynamics and maximize potential for creative, just, and peaceful social change.
  • Effectively carry out practice-oriented research into issues of peace.
  • Demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of the holistic nature of a culture of peace.

What can I do with a PACS degree?

PACS offers you a unique interdisciplinary degree where you will develop the ability to evaluate what is just, what is fair, and what is inherently good. PACS recgonizes that multifaceted problems faced in our society (climate change, poverty, inequality to name a few) require multifaceted approaches. PACS does not encourage textbook result, but instead will fosters the growth of your intellectual capacity to attack those issues and ask the questions that matter.

Our graduates go on to work in a wide range of fields, holding a variety of positions. From academia, to international development, Directors of NGOs, law, government, and policing, your PACS Degree can take you anywhere you want to go.

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