Life in the Peace and Conflict Studies department is always exciting and filled with opportunities.

Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Front steps to the Centre for Peace AdvancementThe Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement strives to inspire and equip changemakers by building networks and pathways for high impact careers, catalyzing interdisciplinary teams to spark innovation, and bridging theory and practice by engaging academic, activists, and artists.

Over 90 students have had paid employment with participants in the Centre. These placements not only build important skills and abilities, they provide invaluable pathways into high-impact positions.

Living-Learning at Grebel

living learningIf you are interested in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) as a possible future subject of major interest, you may apply to be part of one of Grebel’s Living-Learning programs with other students who share your program. A limited number of spaces are available.

Be part of a diverse residence community of 142 students from all faculties and programs, while enjoying the benefits of growing with a small group of PACS or Music students and faculty. You will participate in academic events, benefit from the experience of peer leaders as you plan your goals, and make an impact on your friends as you share what you are learning with the wider Grebel community. Apply to Grebel to be part of a Living-Learning program.

Upper-year PACS students can also apply to be the Living-Learning Community Peer Leader! Applications are opened in March for positions the following year. If you are interested in learning more about this position, contact Rachel Reist.


WUSA Clubs, Services, and Societies Day

As a PACS student you have access to over 200 clubs that the University of Waterloo has to offer. With a wide range of focuses, there is something for everyone! The best way to find out about what each club has to offer and how to get involved is by attenduing Clubs, Services, and Socieities Day hosted by the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Union.

Clubs, Services, and Socities Day is held in the Student Life Centre (SLC) Great Hall at the beginning of each term.

Visit the WUSA website here to find out more information.


Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) Conference

CRE logoCanadian Roots Exchange (CRE) is a national Indigenous youth-led organization empowering youth to shape the future of truth and reconciliation in this country. CRE Gatherings are a youth for youth facilitated annual conference which creates an open space for the sharing of knowledge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

Visit the CRE Website to find out more information.

<--break->Consortium of North American Peace Programs (CONAPP)Conapp logo

CONAPP is a undergraduate student-run, student-centered, peace and justice conference held at Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania, USA). Gettysburg is famous for the United States' Civil War, CONAPP provides a space to discuss peace and justice, and dare to image radical alternatives!

CONAPP embraces a Freirean praxis (critical reflection plus critical action) format. Presenters will send their ideas in advance for attendees to read. Sessions will begin with dialogue followed by a presentation, and then a discussion on how to make these ideas actionable.

Visit their website to learn more about the conference ways to participate.


Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship (ICPF) Conference

icpf logo

The Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship (ICPF) conference is a student led conference that is planned by students for students. It began in 1948 at Goshen College and represents the peace societies and other peace and justice interested students of Mennonite and affiliated colleges/universities in Canada and the United States.

In February 2018, the ICPF conference was hosted at right here at Conrad Grebel University College in celebration of the 40th anniversary of our Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) program.

Contact Rachel Reist to learn more about this opportunity.


MCC United Nations Seminar

Site of the United NationsThe MCC United Nations hosts an annual student seminar at their office in New York City in October. Each year has a different theme emphasizing a current issue or topic, such as peacebuilding in the DRC, refugees and internally displaced persons, nonviolent peacekeeping, and more. The seminar features a variety of speakers, from experts in the field, NGO workers, government officials and UN representatives. 

Funding is available to assist with travel costs for students attending this event. This is a great opportunity to visit the UN, meet like-minded students from other peace institutions, and engage in peace issues. For more information, contact Rachel Reist. <--break->

MCC Ottawa Seminar

Students in circle at the Ottawa seminarCloser to home, the MCC Ottawa Office also hosts an annual student seminar in February. This conference is set up similarly to the UN Seminar but focuses on issues in a Canadian context and features speakers from MCC, advocacy networks and NGOs as well as government officials. It's a great opportunity to engage with peace practitioners and other students and gain a better understanding of the relationship between parliament and civil society organizations. For more information, contact Rachel Reist.