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sara brubacher SALT tripFinding an internship placement is similar to a normal job search process. However, the primary goal is to find a placement that provides a great learning opportunity related to your academic and career goals. The more clear you are about what you want to do, the more valuable you will be to the organization and the more you will learn what you want to. Below are some questions to consider when deciding what type of placement and where (domestic or international) would be a good fit. The Career Guide (PDF) can be viewed to aid in your exploration of career options.

General questions

Is a domestic placement right for me?

  • you're interested in learning / engaging with social problems in the area
  • you want to develop networks and connections with possible employers (and want to pursue a career in Canada).
  • you want to pursue an Internship part-time
  • you are looking to minimize costs

Check out these local organizations.

Is an international placement right for me?

  • you're interested in learning / engaging with international social problems
  • you're interested in completing the Internship full-time
  • you want to be immersed in another culture and have significant opportunity to engage with and learn about another culture
    • this includes a willingness to accept and respect different cultural systems (such as male-dominant authority, hierarchical leadership, different police and military systems, etc.).
    • Many countries prioritise relationships over time. This means that things may take longer than expected and there is more room for spontaneity.
    • Many countries, particularly developing countries, have challenges with power and corruption. It's important to be aware of the risks, such as being asked for bribes, being hassled, or being threatened. Understanding these risks and how to mitigate and handle them is important for ensuring a positive international placement.
  • you are flexible and able to deal with change and unfamiliarity
  • you are generally healthy

Check out these international organizations.

Both domestic and international field study placements are great opportunities for learning and applying your skills as a PACS student. It's important to understand what you hope to gain and how each placement will help you achieve your goals. If you're unsure, discuss your hopes and concerns with Rachel Anderson, Internship Coordinator to help you find the right fit.

General questions | Domestic placements | International placements