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PACS Scholarships and Awards

The Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) program at Conrad Grebel offers several awards and scholarships for PACS students. Below are descriptions of each award available for PACS students.

If you are enrolled in a PACS academic plan, you may apply for these awards in September for funding that year. To apply, please view below. If you have any questions please contact Ndagire Brendah, the PACS Undergraduate Academic and Administrative Officer.

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 22, 2023, at 11:59 pm.

William Dick PACS Field Study Award

This award supports and promotes the Peace and Conflict Studies Internship program among students at Conrad Grebel University College and those pursuing a PACS major or minor at the University of Waterloo. Financial support for students will also aid the work of the agencies for which they volunteer. Up to two awards of $1,000 are available. Recipients will be chosen using the following criteria:

  • Students pursuing a PACS concentration.
  • Students accepted for PACS Internship program and placement with a non-governmental organization that does not provide adequate funding.
  • For students holding at least one upcoming residence term at the college, priority may be given to students who have had at least 2 previous terms in residence.
  • Students with financial need may be given priority.

Download the William Dick Field Study Award brochure (PDF).

Becky Frey Student Scholarship

In memory of Becky Frey, a Grebel student who died of cancer in 1996, up to two awards of approximately $1,000 will be awarded to a second or third-year student enrolled in the Peace and Conflict Studies program. The scholarship will be based on a combination of scholastic ability and financial need.

Mary and Walter Hougham PACS Award

This award was established to provide financial support for up to three students studying PACS at Conrad Grebel University College who have demonstrated financial need. Up to three awards of approximately $1,500 are available.

This award is given to:

  • Students enrolled in the PACS program at Grebel.
  • Students who qualify for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding.
  • Students who demonstrate involvement in and commitment to the PACS program.

The Vic and Rita Krueger Family PACS Award

This award supports first-year incoming students intending to major in PACS, who qualify for OSAP and demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of the PACS program. Recipients will be chosen giving preference to the following criteria:

  • Students enrolled in a PACS core course.
  • Students intending to pursue a PACS major.
  • Students who qualify for OSAP funding.
  • Students who demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of the PACS program (through a letter of application that outlines personal experience in peace issues, study goals, and long-term career aspirations).

Two awards of approximately $2,000 will be awarded annually (50% in the student's first year and the remainder in their second year when PACS is declared as a major).

Download the Kreuger Family Award in Peace and Conflict Studies Award Brochure (PDF).

Elliot C. McLoughry Fund Scholarship

Recipients of this award must be PACS students who are making outstanding contributions to the PACS program through scholarly achievement in courses or research, and/or leadership in student peace organizations. One award of approximately $500 is available.

Peter C. and Elisabeth Williams Memorial Fund Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students in the PACS program at Conrad Grebel University College who promote peace and peaceful relations between people and nations. Recipients must be students who are making outstanding contributions to the PACS program through scholarly achievement in courses or fieldwork. Awards are approximately $500.

Lina Wohlgemut Award

This award offers assistance to PACS students from the developing world, students interested in service in the developing world, or students interested in service within the context of the church. There are up to two awards of approximately $1,000 annually.

PACS Internship Awards

These awards are offered by Conrad Grebel and are available to students pursuing a PACS plan who have been approved to complete a PACS Internship course. Applications to this funding are made at the time an internship proposal is submitted for PACS 390 credit.

UWaterloo Awards

For other awards, bursaries, and scholarships from the University of Waterloo, visit UWaterloo's Student Awards and Financial Aid page. You can also use the Undergraduate Awards Database to search for funding through Waterloo.

Neufeld-Oberle Memorial Award

This fund has been established in memory of Henry Neufeld and Thomas Oberle by their children to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students who participate in an international exchange program offered by the University of Waterloo, or the university colleges, who have demonstrated financial need. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and have lived in Ontario for the entire 12-month period prior to beginning their post-secondary education.

For more information on this award, visit the page for the Neufeld-Oberle Memorial Award.

Walter Metzger Memorial Award

Numerous awards are granted annually to full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Year Two of their program of study who are in good academic standing and have demonstrated financial need. These awards are made possible by a generous gift from the late Walter Metzger.

For more information on this award, visit the page for the Walter Metzger Memorial Award

External Awards

Helmut Braun Memorial Award - Centre for Community-Based Research

The Helmut Braun Award is an annual scholarship administered by the Centre for Community-Based Research. For fourteen years the Centre has honoured and celebrated post-secondary students from Waterloo Region through the Helmut Braun Memorial Award.  It offers financial assistance for local post-secondary students with a vision of how they will contribute to Canadian society. This unique scholarship always draws students from both Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo and is expected to award 3 students with scholarships of $1,000.

Katherine Lemke Heinrichs Scholarship

The Katherine Lemke Heinrichs Scholarship provides a one-time $2000.00 gift for a 4th-year student or post-graduate student who is studying in the areas of peace and conflict transformation, international human rights, and law and policy that relate to refugees and displaced persons.

For more information regarding the application process please visit the Katherine Lemke Heinriches Scholarship Website