PACS 391 Conflict Resolution Skills

Workshops in conflict management

Workshop participants sitting on the floor and talking

The Conflict Resolution Skills course credit provides an opportunity for Peace and Conflict Studies students to gain academic credit for practical skills training through workshops in conflict managementPeace practitioners need academic skills in analysis and research, but also in community building, conflict management and resolution, and group facilitation and problem solving.

This course is designed to give academic credit for up to two workshops (0.25 credits each) provided by the Certificate Program in Conflict Management.  Student spaces in workshops are limited.  Workshop selection is made in consultation with the Certificate Program Coordinator (Sue Baker) and finalized by the payment of the additional fee. Enrolment in PACS 391 and the academic work is supervised by Ndagire Brendah, the PACS Academic Advisor. Upon the completion of a workshop, a reflection paper and an annotated bibliography, you will receive a grade of CR/NCR.

For more information regarding assignments please the full Course Syllabus for PACS 391- Conflict Resolution Skills (PDF)

Course objectives

By the end of a Conflict Resolution Skills workshop, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate full-time attendance in the workshop by a Certificate of Completion from the workshop.
  • Demonstrate the basic principles of the workshop skill by active participation in the workshop and a brief summary in a reflection paper.
  • Evaluate the workshop experience in the reflection paper.
  • Research related theory or workshop practice in the annotated bibliography
  • Summarize further learning on the workshop topic or theory by writing an annotated bibliography.
  • Integrate workshop practice with theory in the annotated bibliography.

Scheduling, enrolment, and due dates

Certificate Program in Conflict Management workshops are offered on a schedule that does not always dovetail with the academic schedule.  However, once you are signed up for a workshop, enrolling in the PACS 391 course and subsequent grading sequence will be arranged.

Normally, you will enrol in PACS 391 in the term you take the workshop.  Due dates for the academic work will be determined in consultation with the Course Advisor. Since all PACS 391 course enrolments require department permission, the PACS Undergraduate Officer will enroll you once approved.