Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more from our students who have undertaken an internship? We interviewed a few of our students to see what they thought about the program and share their experiences.

Why do students do an internship?

The internship course (PACS 390), provides an opportunity for students to "learn by exposure," applying classroom lessons to a hands-on setting. 

PACS 390 helps integrate theory and practice, while facilitating the development of attitudes, strategies, skills and information that undergird work in a PACS-related setting. It helps students to:

  • sharpen professional skills,

  • use the knowledge gained from academic programs,

  • explore career possibilities,

  • expand critical evaluative and intellectual skills, and

  • immerse themselves in the work environment of another culture.

Hear from some students on why they chose to do an internship →

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What do internship students do, and how do I find an opportunity?

Students serve in a wide range of roles all over the world and right at home in Waterloo.

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Finding a placement can feel overwheming at first, we are here to to help. We have compiled a list of questions to help you hone in on your areas of interest. The more clear you are about what you want to get from your experience, the more valuable you will be to the organization and the more you will learn what you want to.

The Career Guide (PDF) can be viewed to aid in your exploration of career options.

Listen to how some other students found their placement and what role they filled →

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What is an internship experience like?

What do students learn, and what challenges did they face?

Internships are a unique experience, no two internships are ever the same. Due to the personal nature of PACS 390, we cannot predict what you will learn or challenges you will face.

You can listen to how other students reflect on their learning →

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Advice for future PACS 390 students

The best advice we can offer regarding placement choice is to do some research and make your decision based on what interests you. In preparation for your placement, do some further research, especially if you are going into a new community.

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