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Here's a list of available funding for Field Studies students:

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) and Conrad Grebel University College

PACS Field Studies Awards

In general, students whose Internship course proposal has been accepted may be awarded up to $2,000 available through PACS Internship funds. International placements are given priority, however smaller amounts may be available for a specific cost in a domestic placement. Awards are proposed by the PACS Administrative Group to the College's Scholarships and Bursaries Committee who make the final award. The following are the types of items covered:

  1. Travel to and from the place of internship;
  2. Lodging and board;
  3. Any other expenses not covered by the host agency (normally host agencies are expected to meet minimal costs of maintenance and administration for the student. When additional money is available and according to agency circumstances, PACS/CGUC may decide to remunerate the host agency for costs incurred on behalf of the Internship student).

There are other specific awards available. A student applying for a Internship course may also specifically apply for one of the following awards and if so, should show how they meet the criteria.

William Dick PACS Field Study Award

This award supports and promotes the PACS Field Studies program among students at CGUC and those pursuing studies at University of Waterloo. Financial support for students will also aid the work of the agencies for which they volunteer.

Recipients will be chosen using the following criteria:

  • Students pursuing a PACS concentration.
  • Students accepted for PACS Internship program and placement with an non-governmental organization (NGO) that does not provide adequate funding.
  • Students holding at least an upcoming one term residence contract at the college, with consideration given to students who have had at least 2 previous terms in residence, may be given priority.
  • Students with financial need, may be given priority.

Williams PACS Award

This award supports the scholarly and internship work of students in the PACS program who promote peace and peaceful relations between people and nations.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo also has several awards available to assist students planning to participate in international work or study experiences.

For more awards, look at the International Experience/Travel Awards offered by uWaterloo. Apply directly through the Student Awards & Financial Aid.

Kavelman-Fonn Foundation International Experience Award

This program will award approximately 25-35 awards, valued at $1,250 - $5,000 each, and will be available annually for undergraduate students in any faculty who wish to participate in an international volunteer experience, an international co-op work term providing little or no remuneration, or an international field/work placement pursued as part of the academic degree. This award program will run for five years, beginning with the current 2009/10 academic year.

In 2011, PACS students Erika Toffelmire and Tim Ruppel who enrolled in Beyond Borders received Kavelmann-Fonn funding.

Interested students are asked to apply during the term prior to departure and award selection will take place each term. Learn more and submit the Kavelman-Fonn Foundation International Experience Award application form (PDF).

Application deadlines are:

  • Spring term – March 1
  • Fall term – June 30
  • Winter term – November 1

Other potential funding

The following organizations may offer assistance or funded programs. Please note that PACS takes no responsibility for external funders.

PACS and Grebel | UWaterloo | Other funding sources