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About international experience awards

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About international experience awards

Are you planning to embark on one of the following international experiences?

  • an overseas academic exchange
  • an international co-op work term providing little or no salary
  • an international volunteer work term
  • an overseas field placement to meet a degree requirement

Approximately 450 awards are available in support of student participation in an international experience. Many of these awards are funded through the generosity of individual donors or foundations, while others are supported by the University of Waterloo. All of these awards are intended to encourage students to pursue opportunities in a new learning environment outside of Canada and to become global citizens.

Selection criteria

In general, international experience awards are provided to assist students with the higher costs associated with travel, living, or educational expenses while participating in the international experience. Conversely, some awards provide support during or following an international volunteer experience.

  • Award selection may be based on academic achievement, leadership, financial need, or a combination of factors.
  • The majority of awards are based on financial need.
  • Specific eligibility and selection criteria are noted in each award description.

General application form

You only need to complete one general International Experience Award Application Form to be considered for most international experience awards, unless otherwise indicated in a particular award description. Full application details can be found on the form. You are welcome to indicate the name of the specific award you are interested in or you may leave that field empty.

The application is available on our Forms page: International Experience Award Application

If you are eligible for funding, the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office will assign the most suitable award to you giving careful consideration to individual award criteria, length of experience, financial need and fund availability.

Award values

Award values vary, depending on the specific fund, level of need, length of experience, etc.

Eligible students will normally only be considered for one travel award per experience. In some cases, students receiving other funding in direct support of the international experience may be considered for a reduced award value.


Unless otherwise stated in the award descriptions below, award selection takes place each term. Please apply prior to your departure term by one of the following deadlines:

  • Spring experience – March 15
  • Fall experience – July 15
  • Winter experience – November 15

Late applications

Note: late applications may be considered from co-op students applying for a co-op term abroad, if the position was not finalized until after the above pre-term deadline. Consideration of late applications is subject to funding availability.

Available awards

For a full listing of available awards, please refer to our Database, searching by award type: International experience awards.

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We are currently processing:

  • Extensions received the week of Dec 3
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