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Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Our centre and participants

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement is a dynamic space on the University of Waterloo campus, home to peace-oriented innovators, and established organizations from the region's vibrant peacebuilding field. The common goal of advancing peace collaboratively and creatively is the lifeblood of the Centre for Peace Advancement’s unique working community. The Centre for Peace Advancement stands as a bridge between campus and community, academics and practice, and faith and justice.

Our ecosystem

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is a leading hub for innovation on a national and global scale. The University of Waterloo has been rated Canada’s most innovative university for 28 consecutive years (1997-2020), operates the world’s largest co-operative education program, and now supports a wide array of student entrepreneurship opportunities. In addition to being the home of countless cutting-edge tech companies, our surrounding community has nurtured significant social innovations in areas such as restorative justice, poverty alleviation, and refugee resettlement.

  1. June 27, 2022Starting small: localizing the Sustainable Development Goals
    CCBR Team

    Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) starts from the ground-up. This is why community-based research is vital in working toward these 2030 goals, as outlined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement has teamed up with the Centre for Community-Based Research (CCBR) to create resources on localizing the SDGs for grassroots communities, small start-ups, and community-based organizations. The Centre recognizes the value in taking multisector approaches to peace through interdisciplinary collaboration, even on a small scale.

  2. June 16, 2022Cassie Myers leads Lunaria into full bloom
    Cassie Myers gets her picture taken

    The last four University of Waterloo Global Impact Reports have featured at least one story on a Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement participant. The journey of Cassie Myers, Founder and CEO of Grebel Peace Incubator participant Lunaria Solutions, was highlighted in 2022 issue for her team’s work on using data to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Incubator participants are not afraid of tackling complex, international problems, and the Centre provides them the network and support to help them refine their solutions and expand their influence. Lunaria joins the lineup of Incubator participants and alumni that make waves beyond their immediate context, creating far-reaching change in pursuit of a more equitable, peaceful future.

  3. June 6, 2022Systems mapping reveals interconnected webs in the Church
    Systems Mapping Image

    When the COVID-19 pandemic drove people around the world to shelter in their homes, building closures prompted reflection about what it means to be a church when the congregation is unable to gather. Systems mapping research developed in summer 2021 by Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) and the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement reveals that faith-based relationships extend well beyond the structures that house them.

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  1. Mar. 14 to Aug. 19, 2022Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music
    Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music

    Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music explores the complementary nature of visual art and worship in the Mennonite Church. Featuring over a dozen works of art found in Voices Together, the exhibition offers visitors a more intimate view of the art found in this new Mennonite hymnal.

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