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November 2018

  • Growing Hope Farm featured at Peace Conference
  • Cesar Jaramillo named one of "Ten Most Influential Hispanic Canadians"
  • Fostering a Future of Social Innovators
  • Project Ploughshares hosts PeaceTech event: "Make Cool Tech Stuff (Not Weapons)"
  • Tamarack announces $2 million partnership agreement
  • Saving land, limbs, and lives: A spotlight on Demine Robotics

October 2018

  • The CPA hosts its annual Opportunities Fair
  • Peacebuilding in the Big Apple 
  • Grebel announces Fall 2019 PeaceTech Live-Learn
  • Celebrating the new Grebel Gallery exhibit
  • Marlena Books wins AGE-WELL pitch competition
  • Banning killer robots: A spotlight on Project Ploughshares

September 2018

  • Building peace with a paintbrush
  • Waterloo Region celebrates Peace Week!
  • Farewells and new faces
  • SheLeads joins the Epp Peace Incubator

August 2018

  • Peace Innovators program kicks off
  • Welcoming Suyeon Kang, CPA Host
  • CPA's interest in PeaceTech shared by Project Ploughshares
  • Waterloo region preparing for Peace Week 2018
  • Tamarack bridges peacebuilding and social innovation

July 2018

  • The CPA welcomes Amy Zavitz to the team for 2018-2019
  • A New Era of Peace and a Peaceful Land opened in the Grebel Gallery in July
  • Waterloo region preparing for Peace Week 2018
  • School might be out but TREE is not slowing down!

June 2018

  • Setsuko Thurlow inspires new generation of activists at UWaterloo
  • Another take on innovation
  • Militarization of cybersecurity
  • Our CPA Host is finishing soon!

May 2018

  • Why ‘Silicon Valley North’ must build peace
  • CPA helps start-ups think and work politically
  • Partnerships with Kindred Credit Union celebrated at two events
  • A job vacancy: Spearhead the work of advancing peace!
  • Two Epp Peace Incubator participants win The Spark Initiative award

April 2018

  • CPA participants recognized in Global Impact Report
  • Winter 2018 Peace Fund
  • Social innovation meets sustainable development
  • Bridging peace researchers and practitioners
  • Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program
  • Refugee issues and killer robots

March 2018

  • Engineering change
  • Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria
  • Drops for Crops wins third
  • Peace is everybody's business
  • WorldVuze Releases Next 150 Report

February 2018

  • Harvesting the seeds
  • Building a global perspective
  • Meeting with mentors
  • Peacebuilding in practice
  • TREE takes lead on Peace Camp 2018

January 2018

  • Where peace incubation meets investment
  • Peacebuilding, papers, and profiles
  • New Exhibit: "Beyond Essays"
  • Peace Innovators' Forum: Off to a great start this winter
  • WPIRG hosts anti-racism conference

December 2017

  • Gratitude and hope
  • Project Ploughshares celebrates ICAN’s Nobel Peace Prize win
  • Conflict on the startup team
  • Meet the Peace Incubator Mentorship Circle
  • Discovering Demine Robotics

November 2017

  • Grebel students pitch at MEDA
  • Peace Incubator Showcase
  • Advancing an important conversation
  • A deeper view of WorldVuze
  • When good intentions are not enough

October 2017

  • To Uptown Waterloo we go - the Incubator hits the road
  • Project Ploughshares' advocacy efforts bear fruit
  • Welcoming the new Grebel president
  • Kindred making waves in the banking world
  • Digging deeper into Growing Hope Farm

September 2017

  • Exciting developments for incubator program
  • EPOCH competes for $1 million Hult Prize
  • Our team is growing!
  • Katie Gingerich featured in Report on Giving
  • Where are they now?

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