Newsletter archives


April 2024

  • Fiona Li, the winner of the 2024 Map the System Campus Finals
  • Investing in peace: How you can support the Centre for Peace Advancement
  • Peace Innovators showcase and application 

March 2024

  • Systems-Thinking in Action: Students Explore Pressing Issues at Campus Finals 
  • Finding Hope: How Findsuri is Reuniting Families
  • Calling for accountability on Canadian arms exports to Israel 

February 2024

  • Addressing Rapid Technological Change: The Technology Governance Initiative  
  • X Page: Empowering Women Through Stories
  • Tamarack Institute Changemaker Experience: Creating Leaders for Tomorrow

January 2024

  • Navigating Complex Challenges: Map the System Begins 
  • Empowering Change: A New Year Brings New Students To The Centre


December 2023

  • Media mentions 2023: A year of inspiration
  • PeaceTech beyond Grebel

November 2023

  • New Research Fellows at the Centre for Peace Advancement
  • Mary Kavanagh visits the Grebel Gallery
  • Mapping systems with Jordan Li

October 2023

  • Catching up with a fast-growing TREE
  • Advancing peace by engaging governments
  • October connections

September 2023

  • A recap of Peace Week
  • Grebel Gallery presents Trinity, Then and Now
  • Welcome BWOSS to the Grebel Peace Incubator!

 August 2023

  • Peace Week is around the corner
  • Empowering tomorrow's leaders: the Peace Innovators Scholarship and Mentoring Program
  • Nurturing purpose and unity: Green Care Farms Community Day
  • End of term means goodbye

July 2023

  • Uniting communities for a peaceful tomorrow
  • Shaping the future and exploring innovation through the AI Governance Hackathon

June 2023

  • Bringing centres into alignment
  • Mapping systems in Canada and beyond
  • A month of learning

May 2023

  • Mapping systems in Canada and beyond
  • Innovation ecosystem heats up with the summer
  • Peace through art
  • Spring means new staff!
  • Tamarack features in a new global resource

April 2023

  • Map the System campus finals a huge success!
  • Peace Innovators applications deadline extended
  • Your wall can (not) divide us exhibit extended
  • Breaking through community change
  • Spring changes in the Centre staff

March 2023

  • In-person Map the System campus finals!
  • Looking for next year's Peace Innovators
  • Visit "Your Wall Can (Not) Divide Us"
  • Article on MCC conference on Indigenous wisdom and political advocacy
  • Participants in the news

February 2023

  • Donation opportunities in response to earthquake in Syria and Turkiye
  • Majid Mirza honoured with changemaker award
  • Tech for Social Cohesion conference in San Francisco

January 2023

  • Welcoming new incubator participants
  • Welcoming Selah Woelk as Program Assistant
  • Reflection on the opening of "Your Wall Can (Not) Divide Us" gallery launch


December 2022

  • Grebel Peace Incubator highlights

  • Core Collaborator highlights

  • Program highlights

November 2022

  • Union co-op secures 58 affordable homes!
  • Majid Mirza featured in Waterloo Magazine
  • PeaceTech conference in Florence, Italy
  • CPA and Project Ploughshares launch re-formatted websites

October 2022

September 2022

  • National Day of Truth and Reconciliation
  • PeaceTech in the news
  • Peace Week lives on at the Grebel Gallery
  • New part-time staff in the CPA 

August 2022

  • Get ready for Peace Week 2022
  • Welcoming Teresa Edge
  • Demine Robotics: Where are they now?
  • Not Just Science Fiction: Space Security

July 2022

  •  Peace Week 2022
  • Who's who: Students at the CPA this spring
  • X Page: Storytelling Workshop Performance
  • ESGTree joins Velocity Incubator 

June 2022

  • Starting small: localizing the Sustainable Development Goals
  • CPA Coordinator position opening
  • Cassie Myers leads Lunaria into full bloom
  • Systems mapping reveals interconnected webs in the Church 

May 2022

  • Waterloo students bring housing crisis to national stage through Map the System
  • Peace Innovators gather to showcase youth-led impacts
  • Rebekah Churchyard sweeps the Rhyze Ventures Awards
  • Indigenous-Mennonite Encounters in Time and Place
  • Ernie Regehr featured in The Globe and Mail 

April 2022

  • Celebrating the fourth annual Map the System Waterloo campus final
  • Centre's Mitacs partnership helps student-entrepreneurs
  • Centre featured in Waterloo's first SDG report
  • Majid Mirza named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Green Economy
  • Victoria Lumax returns to the Centre as Coordinator 

March 2022

  • Local peacebuilding community responds to global conflict in Ukraine
  • Cassie Myers featured in Global Impact Report
  • Incubator funding expands programming
  • Incubator alum raises $3.6M in seed funding 

February 2022

  • Peace Innovators pitch for start-up funding
  • Crisis in Ukraine
  • Incubator alumni spotlight: Jessica Reesor Rempel 

January 2022

  • Interdisciplinary research competition begins at Waterloo
  • Using data to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Leadership transitions at Tamarack Insititute

  • Leadership transitions at The Ripple Effect Education

  • Demine Robotics winds down operations 


December 2021

  • Twelve Months of Peace: 2021 Highlights
  • Curating Farms and Hair Care

  • Time for Canada to join the nuclear abolition movement?

  • #12 Days for Good 

November 2021

  • Map the System 2022 is underway!
  • Grebel Now Fall 2021 

October 2021

  • Meet the co-op keeping housing affordable in Waterloo Region
  • Making Space for Trauma and Healing

  • 2SLGBTQ+ History Month 

September 2021

  • Peace Week 2021: Reflection, resilience and recovery
  • 2021-2022 Peace Innovators begin their changemaking journey

  • Five years of The Ripple Effect Education (TREE) 

August 2021

  • Special report: Project Ploughshares and Amnesty International on Canada's role in arming Saudi Arabia
  • Union Co-operative provides permanent rental affordability through community ownership

July 2021

  • Podcasting for peace
  • GeoMate launches the Accessible City Challenge (ACE)
  • CCBR's new efforts to support peacebuilding organizations
  • Transitions in the CPA community 

June 2021

  • ESGTree releases new Benchmark Analysis Tool
  • New MPACS scholarship honours Malcolm X
  • Reflecting on the 2021 Map the System global final
  • Bridging restorative justice and peace advancement 

May 2021

  • Celebrating Katie Gingerich as a voice of women for peace
  • UWaterloo Map the System team goes global
  • Local youth innovate for peace in the Region of Waterloo
  • Systems Week 2021 

April 2021

  • Map the System brings Waterloo students around the world
  • Advancing peace takes many hands
  • Raising the volume on Unmute
  • Saying "until next time" to the Centre's Winter 2021 co-op students 

March 2021

  • Peace Incubator participant receives national Changemaker award
  • The impact of COVID-19 on refugees
  • The Centre for Peace Advancement welcomes Emily Charron
  • Excitement grows for Map the System 2021 

February 2021

  • The Ripple Effect Education launches Conflict Toolkit Cohort program
  • Past Peace Innovators - where are they now?
  • Waterloo's astounding engagement in Map the System 2021
  • Welcoming Interim Coordinator, Emily Charron to the Centre 

January 2021

  • Impact beyond the workplace for students at the Centre
  • Union Social Development Cooperative a local leader in housing equity
  • (Putting) Bombs away
  • Nuclear ban treaty entry into force Q&A 


December 2020

  • Peacebuilders inspiring peacebuilders
  • Centre for Peace Advancement shapes peace together
  • Demine Robotics Achieves NGO status in Cambodia
  • Centre says 'Farewell!' to PASS
  • Engaging students in the work of peace advancement 

November 2020

  • Communitech spotlights Centre's PeaceTech endeavors
  • Using Circle process to build community
  • Engaging professors in systems thinking across disciplines
  • Highlighting Grebel Gallery Artists 

October 2020

  • Centre participants gather to reflect on peacebuilding journeys
  • Peace Incubator start-ups display progress and promise
  • Kicking off Map the System 2021
  • Highlighting Grebel Gallery Artists 

September 2020

  • Three new innovative ventures join Incubator
  • Peace Innovators cohort begins peacebuilding journey
  • Highlighting Grebel Gallery artists
  • Happy anniversary to us!
  • Whats new with PeaceTech?
  • Virtual Opportunities Fair 

August 2020

  • Peace Week 2020: Shaping Peace Together
  • Grebel team pursues solutions with Pandemic Challenge
  • Kicking off Peace Innovators 2020-2021!
  • Commitment to community for Fall 2020
  • Celebrating 100 years of shared values with MCC 

July 2020

  • Finding connection through Stories in Transit
  • Reflections on land and legacy
  • Lunaria, where technology and diversity meet
  • The impact of an educator 

June 2020

  • 2020-2021 Peace Innovators announced
  • Returning co-op student selected for UNODA program
  • How systems thinking impacts change on a global scale
  • Panic, Anxiety + Stress Support during a pandemic
  • Tamarack Institute launches youth engagement strategy 

May 2020

  • Pandemic Challenge
  • Map the System team advances to global finals
  • Peace Innovators wrap up 2019-2020, look ahead
  • Toward trauma-informed communities
  • Project Plougshares catalyzes conversation 

April 2020

  • Map the System awards student changemakers
  • Catalyzing collaboration in the wake of COVID-19
  • PeaceTech in the midst of a crisis
  • Peacebuilders and the COVID-19 narrative
  • Virtual Front Desk
  • Not Traumatic Enough for a Shock Blanket 

March 2020

  • When social innovation meets COVID-19
  • CPA community perseveres from a safe distance
  • GeoMate taps into innovation ecosystem
  • Peace Innovators applications open
  • PeaceTech in progress
  • Map the System updates
  • The Cultural Life of Drones: KW Drone Dialogues virtual tour 

February 2020

  • Five newly appointed Research Fellows
  • 114 teams registered for Map the System
  • Grebel students primed for #peacetech
  • Peace Innovators making their mark
  • Students engaging in drone dialogues 

January 2020

  • Momentum builds for Map the System
  • New incubator participant shines a spotlight on mental health
  • Paul Born inducted into the Order of Canada
  • Meet the new (and returning) team members
  • Winter 2020 PeaceTech student leaders 


December 2019 

  • Nine highlights from 2019
  • Fare thee well
  • Choosing dialogue as a mode for policy creation
  • #12Days4Good, systemically
  • Supporting the next generation of Peace Innovators 

November 2019

  • Social innovation gets seat at Mitacs table
  • UWaterloo team takes top prize at MEDAx
  • Encourage critical doing, not just critical thinking
  • A matter of life and death: KW Drone Dialogues 

October 2019

  • Grebel Gallery engagement takes off
  • UWaterloo prioritizes responsible innovation
  • Tamarack's superpower is community change
  • Generations of refugee advocacy
  • Outer space is for everybody 

September 2019

  • Reflections from our 5th anniversary celebration
  • Another successful Peace Week in Waterloo Region!
  • New names and faces in the Epp Peace Incubator
  • PeaceTech Living-Learning Community goes live!
  • Celebrating generosity and peace innovation
  • Saying "See you around!" to Amy Zavitz 

August 2019

  • Join us to celebrate five years of advancing peace!
  • Peace Innovators kick-off retreat
  • Saying farewell to WPIRG
  • SheLeads "jumps" at a new innovation ecosystem opportunity 
  • IVEP participants: where are they now?
  • Welcoming a new face in the Centre for Peace Advancement 

July 2019

  • How will you celebrate Peace Week 2019?
  • Saying farewell to Suyeon Kang
  • Calling the next generation of changemakers
  • One student's journey through the University of Waterloo's innovation ecosystem 

June 2019

  • Conrad Grebel team wins top prize at global competition
  • Inspiring and equipping changemakers
  • Is innovation inclusive?
  • Bringing #PeaceTech to True North 2019
  • The Ripple Effect Education deepens its roots as it spreads its branches 

May 2019

  • Celebrating New Fraktur in the Grebel Gallery
  • Epp Peace Incubator in the Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • $50,000 closer to a landmine free world
  • Epp Peace Incubator alumni: where are they now?
  • The X-Page: A Storytelling Workshop 

April 2019

  • Grebel students take on Oxford's Map the System challenge
  • Be a peace innovator
  • Goodbyes and next steps
  • Interdisciplinary discussions about the implications of AI  
  • Making headlines: Centre for Peace Advancement participants are in the news!

March 2019

  • Contribute to a future free of landmines
  • Leading theory to action
  • Mentoring innovation
  • PeaceTech Living Learning Community: 2019-2020 Peer Leaders Announced 

February 2019

  • Reflections from the MCC Ottawa Student Seminar
  • Talking about peace and justice with changemakers
  • The Grebel Gallery is for everyone
  • Finding conflict balance for startups: Conflict on the StartUp Team joins the Epp Peace Incubator 

January 2019

  • Launch of the newest Grebel Gallery exhibit
  • Building robots with a humanitarian mission
  • New faces in the Centre for Peace Advancement 
  • Following the path of peace: Suyeon's experience with the International Volunteer Exchange Program
  • Equipping social entrepreneurs for success: Marlena Books’ journey through the University of Waterloo’s innovation ecosystem 


December 2018

  • Keeping killer robots fictional
  • MCC signs on as a Core Collaborator
  • Goodbyes and new beginnings
  • Putting wheels to social impact
  • Our Year in Review 

November 2018

  • Growing Hope Farm featured at Peace Conference
  • Cesar Jaramillo named one of "Ten Most Influential Hispanic Canadians"
  • Fostering a Future of Social Innovators
  • Project Ploughshares hosts PeaceTech event: "Make Cool Tech Stuff (Not Weapons)"
  • Tamarack announces $2 million partnership agreement
  • Saving land, limbs, and lives: A spotlight on Demine Robotics 

October 2018

  • The CPA hosts its annual Opportunities Fair
  • Peacebuilding in the Big Apple 
  • Grebel announces Fall 2019 PeaceTech Live-Learn
  • Celebrating the new Grebel Gallery exhibit
  • Marlena Books wins AGE-WELL pitch competition
  • Banning killer robots: A spotlight on Project Ploughshares 

September 2018

  • Building peace with a paintbrush
  • Waterloo Region celebrates Peace Week!
  • Farewells and new faces
  • SheLeads joins the Epp Peace Incubator 

August 2018

  • Peace Innovators program kicks off
  • Welcoming Suyeon Kang, CPA Host
  • CPA's interest in PeaceTech shared by Project Ploughshares
  • Waterloo region preparing for Peace Week 2018
  • Tamarack bridges peacebuilding and social innovation 

July 2018

  • The CPA welcomes Amy Zavitz to the team for 2018-2019
  • A New Era of Peace and a Peaceful Land opened in the Grebel Gallery in July
  • Waterloo region preparing for Peace Week 2018
  • School might be out but TREE is not slowing down! 

June 2018

  • Setsuko Thurlow inspires new generation of activists at UWaterloo
  • Another take on innovation
  • Militarization of cybersecurity
  • Our CPA Host is finishing soon! 

May 2018

  • Why ‘Silicon Valley North’ must build peace
  • CPA helps start-ups think and work politically
  • Partnerships with Kindred Credit Union celebrated at two events
  • A job vacancy: Spearhead the work of advancing peace!
  • Two Epp Peace Incubator participants win The Spark Initiative award

April 2018

  • CPA participants recognized in Global Impact Report
  • Winter 2018 Peace Fund
  • Social innovation meets sustainable development
  • Bridging peace researchers and practitioners
  • Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program
  • Refugee issues and killer robots 

March 2018

  • Engineering change
  • Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria
  • Drops for Crops wins third
  • Peace is everybody's business
  • WorldVuze Releases Next 150 Report 

February 2018

  • Harvesting the seeds
  • Building a global perspective
  • Meeting with mentors
  • Peacebuilding in practice
  • TREE takes lead on Peace Camp 2018 

January 2018

  • Where peace incubation meets investment
  • Peacebuilding, papers, and profiles
  • New Exhibit: "Beyond Essays"
  • Peace Innovators' Forum: Off to a great start this winter
  • WPIRG hosts anti-racism conference 


December 2017

  • Gratitude and hope
  • Project Ploughshares celebrates ICAN’s Nobel Peace Prize win
  • Conflict on the startup team
  • Meet the Peace Incubator Mentorship Circle
  • Discovering Demine Robotics 

November 2017

  • Grebel students pitch at MEDA
  • Peace Incubator Showcase
  • Advancing an important conversation
  • A deeper view of WorldVuze
  • When good intentions are not enough 

October 2017

  • To Uptown Waterloo we go - the Incubator hits the road
  • Project Ploughshares' advocacy efforts bear fruit
  • Welcoming the new Grebel president
  • Kindred making waves in the banking world
  • Digging deeper into Growing Hope Farm 

September 2017

  • Exciting developments for incubator program
  • EPOCH competes for $1 million Hult Prize
  • Our team is growing!
  • Katie Gingerich featured in Report on Giving
  • Where are they now?