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2021 Submission Guide

Submission guide cover page

Consult the 2021 Submission Guide for Waterloo's Campus Finals for a breakdown of the 2021 submission timelines and requirements, as well as helpful tips and hints for formatting and the video presentation that semi-finalists will be asked to provide.

Note that those participating in the competition through a class may have different requirements and that this document was created specifically for the University of Waterloo campus finals. The Official Map the System Submission Guidelines should be referred to for the Canadian and international phases of the competition.

For teams competing through the University of Waterloo, written submissions are due on Friday April 9th at 4:00 PM EST through the Final Submission Form.

Presentation Template

First page of the presentation templateParticipants in the 2021 University of Waterloo campus finals are invited to structure their video presentations around the slides in the provided template. See the Submission Guide for further instruction, then view the Presentation Template for Waterloo's Campus Finals.

Map the System Research Design Essentials Webinar

This video playlist is a guided presentation of the March 2021 Research Design Essentials webinar. These slides have been prepared as a resource to support teams through the research design process of the competition.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

View the Research Design Essentials slideshow

Map the System Student Webinar

This video is a recording of the Centre for Peace Advancement's Map the System Student Webinar, hosted on November 10, 2020. View the Map the System Student Webinar slideshow.


University of Waterloo Map the System Campus Lead

Thomas Fraser portraitNew for the 2021 competition, the Centre for Peace Advancement has hired a Map the System Campus Lead: Thomas Fraser! Thomas is a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies student at Conrad Grebel University College, and competed in Map the System at UWaterloo last year. Thomas can assist you in answering questions about the competition, giving you guidance on your submission, sharing about his own experience, and offering any other support you need.

You can contact Thomas at


Student Guide

Map the System student guideCheck out this 12 step "Student Guide to Mapping a System" that will help you and your team walk through the process of mapping a system. 





Impact Gaps Canvas

Impact Gap CanvasDaniela Papi-Thornton, designer of Map the System, has created a tool called the Impact Gaps Canvas. This exercise will help you understand the landscape of your problem and identify some paths to a solution. 


Map the System Canada Website

Map the System Canada LogoCanada's Map the System website is a great place to find key information. The Student Resources webpage is especially useful in helping students at all stages of mapping their systems, from systems-thinking context to practical application.


Other Resources