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When you enter the fourth floor of Conrad Grebel University College's new Academic Building expansion and step into the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA), what will you find?

The space within the CPA is designed to augment its core activities: research, incubation, and community engagement. The CPA's 6,000 square feet of space take on a variety of forms, each with their own part to play in supporting the work of the CPA and its participants. 

IncubatorThe CPA manifests itself in the combination of office spaces, meeting rooms, the Winfield Fretz Seminar Room for graduate studies, the grad student lounge known as the 'Grad Hive', the Epp Peace Incubator, and the Grebel Gallery. 

Along with the day to day uses of the space, the CPA's Gallery and adjacent 'Buzz Space' together create a venue for hosting gatherings including receptions, book launches, coffee houses, etc.

Spaces in the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Affiliate offices

The CPA provides co-location space for affiliate organizations with multiple staff. Currently these include three organizations with varying needs, including a team of nine staff spread over 1,300 square feet, three staff sharing a 250 square foot office, and one staff person in a 130 square foot office.

 Epp Peace Incubator and Incubator Annex

The Epp Peace Incubator is an open and collaborative work space in the CPA with windows overlooking the south side of the campus. This 450 square foot room includes six dedicated desks with lockable drawers, white boards, and a shared work table. Adjacent to this space is the Incubator Annex, a 200 square foot room with three hot desks and file cabinets.

The Incubator and Incubator Annex are intended for initiatives that are either active members of the CPA’s incubation program or are working for smaller affiliate organizations.

Grebel Gallery

The Grebel Gallery is located in the heart of the CPA. Totalling approximately 700 square feet, it is central to the CPA's strategic commitment to “peace and artistic expression.” The gallery curates and hosts peace-related exhibits aligned with the academic calendar for the purpose of engaging community members in a process of mutual learning and shared action.

Together with the adjacent Buzz Space, the Grebel Gallery also serves as a venue for receptions, book launches, and coffee houses.

Additional community spaces

All CPA participants and community members can make use of a variety of shared spaces for meetings and events.

  • Reception area – In addition to the CPA Coordinator’s desk, this includes a brightly lit waiting area with chairs
  • Regehr Meeting Room – A meeting room for up to 10 people
  • Fretz Seminar Room – A classroom for up to 20 people with a digital projector and screen that can be used for meetings when a class is not scheduled
  • Buzz Space – a kitchenette area with three café tables and comfortable armchairs, used most often for informal lunch meetings or coffee breaks
  • Grad Hive – A lounge with couches and lockers dedicated for Grebel graduate students

    See our room rental rates.

    For inquiries related to the availability of offices, dedicated desks, or hot desks, as well as room bookings for community events, please contact CPA Coordinator, Amy Zavitz.

    Affiliate offices | Epp Peace Incubator | Grebel Gallery | Additional community spaces