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Ndagire Brendah

“My hope for the future is to continue to conduct research centering the experiences and stories of women at grassroots levels who are leading peace-building processes in their communities. I want to create space for them to tell their story and experience with everyday violence andwhat actions they are implementing to contribute to a just peace and coexistence. The current secondary research I am conducting in the MPACS program is laying out the foundation for conducting primary research on women’s peacebuilding processes in East Africa or Colombia.”

- NDAGIRE BRENDAH, Master of Peace and Conflict Studes

Eva Astolfi

“I used to believe that the only way to help people was to become a doctor or own a business, neither of which were ever huge interests of mine. It wasn’t until I encountered the Peace and Conflict Studies program that I finally felt as though I had found my way. My hope for the future is that we, as PACS students, are able to spread across the world to become the helpers, the communicators, and the peacemakers. In my eyes, we are very capable of bringing change, and my hope is that the world will be open to experiencing this journey with us.”

— EVA ASTOLFI, 3rd year Peace and Conflict Studies

Kissor Nithiananthan

“I feel that the PACS Department has given me a current competitive advantage over other applicants within co-op. A variety of courses (like Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Skills, and Peace is Everyone’s Business) are all transferrable assets to Human Resource Management, which provides me with a unique experience that differentiates me from other candidates. My hope for the future is start my career early, and I feel that the PACS Department has done that by helping set a strong yet unique foundation.”

— KISSOR NITHIANANTHAN, 3rd year Peace and Conflict Studies and Human Resources

Megan Gallagher

“My hope for the future is a world with equity and justice for all. As a Peace and Conflict Studies and Legal Studies major, I have had countless opportunities to learn how to advocate for these things, and so much more. At Grebel, I feel an incredible amount of hope for the future when I interact with other passionate students who have diverse interests and goals who hope to make the world a better place in their individual ways.”

— MEGAN GALLAGHER, 4th year LEgal Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies
Recipient of the Merv and Mary Ellen Good Award

Braiden Peece

“My hope for the future is to be in a profession where I can use the skills I have learned throughout my time in the MPACS program to help other people in their daily lives and to create a sense of community with people I come across. My MPACS degree has been filled with knowledge and skills training in areas such as nonviolent communication, restorative justice, dialogue, and mediation. I believe the knowledge I have acquired (and will continue to acquire following my departure from MPACS), as well as the incredible people I have been able to meet, have provided me with a concrete foundation for the future. I am nothing but optimistic about fulfilling my hopes for the future, and I owe much of that to the MPACS program.” 

— BRAIDEN PREECE, Master of Peace and Conflict Studies
Recipient of the MPACS Student Support Award, Vic and Rita Krueger Family MPACS Award, and PACS Certificate Program Bursary