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Your support for Grebel Student Services will make it possible to:

  • provide leadership development to over 100 students in leadership positions
  • offer resources for service learning trips during reading week
  • fund our chapel program
  • give scholarship awards

Your support for the Grebel Fund will make it possible to:

  • offer quality academic programs
  • nurture leadership development
  • reach our goal of $400,000
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Make a credit card donation on Grebels pledge page. Simply select the fund at Grebel you wish to support and fill in your details. Your receipt for online donations will come from the University of Waterloo. Thanks!

To learn more about how your gift to Student Services will impact Grebel students, contact Fred W. Martin, Director of Advancement.
519-885-0220 x24381


I have benefited greatly from my connections at Grebel. Through these relationships I have formed, I have learned how to be more empathetic, open to new ways of thinking, and accepting of not only other people, but of myself too. These connections motivate and inspire me to work in a field where I can help people from all over the world and assist them in forming their own connections. Lastly, at Grebel I have discovered the true importance of listening. It is amazing what you can learn about someone and the history of their life when you truly listen to others.

CASSIDY ZELLE, 2nd Year International Development


Through living at Grebel and especially in my role on the Chapel Committee, I have grown in my faith, grown as a person, and I have made some true and deep connections with the other students here. Grebel is such a community-oriented place that inspires and encourages each of us to build deep connections with each other. You get to see different sides of people when you live together. Chapel has helped me gain the confidence to be vulnerable and not be afraid of my story and my beliefs.

ASA SUDERMAN-GLADWELL, 3rd Year Religious Studies


In a bold move, Colin chose to leave his hometown of Saskatoon in order to study Planning at UWaterloo and live at Grebel. This residence feels more like home than I could have imagined, he explained. Grebel is such a welcoming and diverse place. I cant overstate how important this community is to my mental health and happiness. Colin also joined the Music Living-Learning Community at Grebel as a way to meet people with a similar love for music. Its been wonderful talk about our classes, recitals, events, and to get to know the Music faculty. As an out of province student, Colin received a scholarship to help offset extra expenses. This award is a significant part to why I can go to school in Ontario.

COLIN FUNK, 1st year Planning