Food Services

While you live at Grebel, you'll find mealtimes to be a memorable part of your university experience. Grebel’s all-you-can-eat meal plan has lots of healthy choices, with a salad bar, soup options, fruit, dessert, chocolate milk, and a home-cooked main course at every meal. The spacious new kitchen is also equipped to accommodate unique dietary needs, for people who eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, or those with food allergies.

Grebel's Food Services staff are a fun group who want to get to know you! They also love to share meal ideas and are willing to make special dishes from your favourite recipes. Share your recipe with the My Most Marvelous Meal (MMMM) by emailing Food Services. You can offer thoughtful feedback to the kitchen staff with the food feedback form. And student leaders can book space for an event with the room booking form.

Check out the Food Services FAQ for answers to your questions, or contact food services to chat about all food related topics, and our bookings coordinator with room booking questions.