Grebel's 60th Anniversary Celebrations

Grebel in the '60s
Black lines and shapes form a leaf, dove, and the Grebel peaked rooves. There is a rainbow of colours in the windows, with red flowing shapes above. Reads: Conrad Grebel University College, Inspiring community since 1963, and 60 in bold, red.

Celebrating 60 Years of Inspiring Community

Get ready to join the celebration as Conrad Grebel University College prepares to commemorate the College's 60th anniversary in 2023-24. With a range of exciting events and special reunions planned throughout the year, Grebel's 60th anniversary promises to be an unforgettable experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College.

60th Events

Watch for a variety of special events over our 60th year. Celebrations began with an alumni reunion on September 10, attend by hundreds of alumni. We're now looking forward to a Gala fundraising dinner on October 11. 

Throughout this year (and always!), we look forward to hearing your memories of Grebel and learning how the College impacted your life. 

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Since it was established 60 years ago, Conrad Grebel University College has been a place to seek wisdom, nurture faith, and pursue justice and peace in service to church and society. In this video, Grebel alumni from across the decades reflect on how Grebel impacted their lives as they share memories from their time living in residence or learning in classrooms.

60 Alumni Stories for 60 Years

For Conrad Grebel University College's 60th anniversary, we are celebrating the best part about Grebel: the people! In an ongoing project, we are having conversations with–and writing stories about–nominated alumni who stand out as interesting or influential individuals, who left a positive impact on the College, and who continue to demonstrate a connection to Grebel's core values in their lives. Each of these conversations reveal new, inspiring stories from Grebel alumni living around the world. A new one is released each Tuesday.

Do you remember someone from your days at Grebel who was particularly interesting or has gone on to be inspirational? Please take some time to nominate them for our collection. 

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