Headshot of Kris CulpLate '70s Alumni Interviews

What ever happened to........?" is a question we often hear from our alumni.  Grebel alumni are planning a Reunion on June 4, 2022, for students who were at Grebel between 1976 and 1982. As part of the preparations, Kris Culp tracked down a few alumni and interviewed some folks you will be sure to remember. Jerry Dick's interview is posted. Check back later to hear form Rich Howard-Wilms ("Cheese"), and Maggie Andres and David Neufeld.

Enjoy these conversations that share memories, news, achievements, and more. 


Jerry Dick Interviewed by Kris Culp

Jerry Dick arrived at Grebel from Leamington in 1977 and went on to build a rich and varied career in heritage architecture in Newfoundland.  Enjoy this conversation about Jerry's life in the Maritimes and his appreciation of culture and buildings - even observations about Grebel's campus.

Richard Willms Interviwed by Kris Culp

“Cheeze Willms” (AKA Richard Howard-Willms) was a fixture at Grebel after his arrival in 1976. He was a history student, but very involved in the emerging PACS program and went on to live in the States, serving with Ten Thousand Villages and various peace-related initiatives. You will enjoy hearing his story and the impact Grebel had on his quest for peace, justice and faith.

Maggie Andres and Dave Neufeld Interviwed by Kris Culp

Since their time at Grebel, Maggie Andres and Dave Neufeld have had a wide range of experiences including time in South Africa. They have carved out an enchanted life in Manitoba and you can enjoy a glimpse of their environmentally friendly home in this video.


Early '70s Alumni Interviews

"Larry CorniesWhat ever happened to........?" is a question we often hear from our alumni. And as Grebel's '70s Era Alumni anticipated their class reunion on June 5, 2021, Larry Cornies tracked down alumni and interviewed them to discover what has happened in their lives over the last 40-50 years! Enjoy these videos that share memories, news, acheivements, and more. 

To suggest someone for an interview, contact Fred W. Martin.


Peter Harder interviewed by Larry Cornies

Peter Harder (BA '75) is a former Canadian senior civil servant who was also named to the Senate of Canada. A longtime senior bureaucrat in the Canadian civil service, he was deputy minister to the Minister of Foreign Affairs when he retired from the civil service in 2007. In 2005 he received an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of waterloo. In this interview, Peter recalls some treasured memories from when he lived at Conrad Grebel University College.

Marieke Meyer interviewed by Larry Cornies

Marieke Meyer (BA '77) is a retired CBC radio producer who helped bring shows such as Tapestry and Rewind to air. Along with sharing lessons and memories from her time at CBC, she reflects on the important nurturing experience Grebel provided as a younger first-year university student, and how her time at the College played a part in finding her passion for meaningful radio.


David Fransen interviewed by Larry Cornies

David Fransen (BA'76 MA '77) is the Chair of the Waterloo Innovation Summit, an advisory board member of the Institute for Quantum Computing, and an advisor to companies in Los Angeles, Toronto and Waterloo. David has served as a senior executive in government, academia, and the diplomatic corps, leading large interdisciplinary teams in path-breaking R&D, policy and program areas. In this conversation with Larry, we learn more about the kind of work David has been part of since his time at Grebel as an associate, and how Grebel creates opportunities for important discussions in leading edge industries. 

Geraldine Balzer interviewed by Larry Cornies

Geraldine Balzer is associate professor of Curricular Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Reflecting on her experience at Grebel, and 14 years teaching in remote indigenous communities of the Northwest Territories, Geraldine speaks to the importance of educators being advocates for social justice, the de-colonization of education systems.
Victor Winter interviewed by Larry Cornies

Victor Winter (BA'75) is a life-long Grebel Alumnus who has served as a student president, senior resident, on the Grebel board, and also received the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award. Vic has a devoted career to education in the secondary school system and pastorship.

Vic recounts the stories and influences of Grebel life in the 70's, and the comparison between his own experiences and his children's experiences attending Grebel.

Read about Victor's battle with COVID-19 in this CBC News article

Valerie Thorner and Lynda Berg interivewed by Larry Cornies

Larry joins Valerie (Class of '74) and Lynda (Class of '74) for a joint discussion on how Grebel formed friendships lasting 50 years, all while sharing photos, memories and reflections and little traditions that built community.