Grebel Alumni Reunion - Late '70s-Early '80s

Saturday, June 4, 2022 4:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)
Pics of 70s-80s Alumni

Late '70s - Early '80s Alumni Reunion

Alumni from the late ’70s and early ’80s are taking a stroll down Memory Lane and you’re invited! Join us for this hybrid event in person or online. Those joining us in person will be treated to Grebel hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar will be available. Those joining us on Zoom will be able to view the presentation and live entertainment beginning at 4:15. The short program will include an update on "We are all Engines of Joy", a sculpture by Jim Paterson that has been commissioned by Grebel. 

Your Alumni organizing committee includes Nancy Dykstra (BES ’84), Kathleen Cleland Moyer (BA ’81), Harold Thiessen (BA ’81), with Dean Peachey (MA ’82) and Melissa Miller (MA ’81) as your hosts (Senior Residents 1978-80).

UW Registration has now closed. If you would like a Zoom link, or want to squeak in with a last minute registration, please email Alison Enns at or 519-885-0220 x24217. Please also email Alison with any dietary restriction/concerns. BTW, "coming" on the Facebook event page isn't a registration. Please make it official by emailing Alison.

Attendees as of May 24: Jerry Dick, Ann Elliott, Catherine Falconer, Reg Good, Mark Lichty, Perry & Ilka Luyt, Susan Schultz, Bev & Geoff Suderman-Gladwell, Harold Thiessen, Dennis Wiebe, Missy Miller & Dean Peachey, Nancy Dykstra, Kris Culp & Bruce Steinman, Kathleen Cleland Moyer & John Moyer, Fred W. Martin, Christine Penner, Stephen & Jeannie McDowell, Esther Willms-Kehler, Dawn & Ron Regier, Diane Lichti & Bruce Bechtel, Conrad & Christiane Brunk, Len & Susan Enns, Dale & Miriam Bauman, Mary Brubaker-Zehr, Savio Wong, Leonard Dick & Donatta-Cheree Dick, Eleanor & Michael Groh, Magdaline Andres, Josie Winterfeld, Phil Regier, Phyllis Martin-Neufeld, Mark Neufeld, Joanie Willms, Louise Wideman.

Online Attendees: Melodie Flook, Sandra Holden, Celeste Lew-Lee, Kim McPherson, Karen Lycklama, Richard Howard-Willms, Ruth Richardson Ragovin, Stephanie Freiter, Kerry Gerber, Brian Bauman & Nancy Brubaker Bauman, Sharon & Dave Neufeld, Barry Ames, John & Betty Galbraith, Richard Kennel, Irvin Robson.