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Making a Way in the (Virtual?) Wilderness: Where is the Post-Pandemic Church?

We know only too well that the past couple of years have seen remarkable ecclesial adaptations to the challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some long for a return to “normal” others have discovered generative and imaginative new spaces for the church during the pandemic. The question that lingers as the church tentatively emerges from the pandemic is: what now?

To advance this conversation, The Conrad Grebel Review (CGR) invites submissions for a special issue from scholars, pastors, and other practitioners that push beyond lament for any simple return to pre-pandemic church life to creative explorations of the possibilities for the church as it emerges from the pandemic. Submissions in disciplines ranging from theology, history, philosophy, Christian ethics, disability studies, and others are welcome. Possible topics may include—but are not limited to—the following:

  • digital placemaking
  • placemaking through the arts
  • lessons from Jewish and Christian diaspora as well as Mennonite history on how exile changes sense of place and identity
  • emerging church movements and the growth of eco-theology (e.g., Nuns & Nones, forest churches)
  • inclusion and the virtual church (e.g., disability theology)
  • schisms and conflicts arising out of pandemic-induced changes
  • encountering God outside the church
  • incarnational faith in a digital age

Length: 5000-8000 words

Submissions will be received as of 9 January 2023

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Kyle Gingerich Hiebert, CGR Editor (

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