Technology from Anabaptist/Mennonite Perspectives

Special Theme Issue of The Conrad Grebel Review

Guest Editor: Paul C. Heidebrecht

The role of technology in contemporary society is continuing to grow in prominence, and critical reflection on the impact of technology is now found in a growing number of scholarly and popular contexts. Not only is it a struggle to keep up with accelerating technological developments, we can be overwhelmed by the veritable deluge of observations, opinions, and analyses of these developments.

How is Anabaptist/Mennonite faith and practice grappling with this reality? What can disciplines ranging from theology and philosophy to the social sciences and literary studies contribute to this discourse, particularly given the ascendency of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in higher education?

The Conrad Grebel Review invites submissions for a special theme issue collecting insights on technology from Anabaptist/Mennonite perspectives. Contributions are welcome from both scholars and practitioners (including designers, engineers, and scientists). Submissions may take the form of articles or reflections, and could focus on technology in general or on particular technologies, such as social media, artificial intelligence, or genetic engineering. Submissions (5000 words max.) will be peer-reviewed.  


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The Conrad Grebel Review: Special Theme Issue

Guest Editors: Laura Schmidt Roberts, Paul Martens, Myron Penner

Recovering from the Anabaptist Vision: New Essays in Anabaptist Identity and Theological Method (eds. Laura Schmidt Roberts, Paul Martens, Myron A. Penner [T&T Clark, 2020]) is a collaborative attempt by a range of scholars to articulate and model ways of doing Anabaptist theology that recognize the rich diversity of constructive resources alongside the crippling performance of power, patriarchy, colonialism, and other forms of trauma-inducing violence in the same Anabaptist tradition.

The editors of Recovering from the Anabaptist Vision consider it as merely an initial provocation to further reflection, and are now inviting submissions for a special theme issue of The Conrad Grebel Review that will extend and enrich the discussion about what Anabaptist theology is, and how it is or can yet be performed.

The editors anticipate varying levels of engagement with the book and are eager to receive submissions that push the conversation beyond the book’s limits.


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