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Decolonizing Mind & Practice: A Lifelong Process

The effects of colonialism are well documented within and outside the field of theology. The colonizer, the colonized, and the earth all feel its’ impacts on their lives. By privileging race, gender, religion, rationality, and narrow conditions of what it means to be human, colonialism creates superiority and inferiority complexes among humans, while privileging humans above all other living things — even the conditions that sustain life.

The Conrad Grebel Review welcomes original article submissions from disciplines such as history, Indigenous and intercultural studies, philosophy, political theory, psychology, sociology, ecology, geography, anthropology, theology, Christian ethics, and others to present new research and developments on the multi-faceted theme of decolonizing mind and practice.

Possible topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Race, theology, and ethics (African, Asian, Indigenous, Latino/a, Western theology, etc...)
  • Indigenous perspectives on healing, justice, and kinship relations
  • Interreligious conversation on decolonial social imaginaries
  • Ecumenism and healing division among various Christian denominations
  • Neoliberalism, Nationalism & Socialism
  • Identity formation and religious living
  • Colonialization, neocolonization, and Christian theology
  • Indigenous, feminist, womanist, queer and materialist approaches to decolonization
  • Economic and wealth (re)distribution, reparations, and landback
  • Spatiality, urban planning, place, and environmental justice
  • Crip and disability approaches to diversity

Length: 5000-8000 words

The call for papers opens on 30 April 2024 and will remain open until the Fall.

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