Distinguished Alumni Service Award

distinguished alumni award beside a podium

Since Conrad Grebel University College first opened its doors, a variety of bright, enthusiastic and capable young adults have come to Grebel, grown in mind, body, and soul, and then left to leave their mark upon the world.

The Distinguished Alumni Service Award will normally be given annually to one or two alumni who have, in some notable way, demonstrated the unique emphases of Conrad Grebel University College. 


They are outlined as follows:

The purpose ​of the award is to:

  1. identify outstanding alumni in a systematic way;
  2. honour significant service and contributions of alumni;
  3. inspire other alumni and current students to lives of service; and
  4. heighten the public image of Conrad Grebel University College by publicizing the service contributions of college alumni.

The qualifications for t​he Distinguished Service Award:

  1. Was a resident or associate of Conrad Grebel University College for two terms, or is a graduate of one of Grebel's academic programs (Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Theological Studies); and
  2. Has made a unique contribution to the church, community, nation, world that is significant and worthy of recognition; and
  3. Has made a contribution representing the ideals and purposes of Conrad Grebel University College.

The process of awarding the award is:

  • Nominations are made from alumni and faculty to the Alumni Executive Committee by January 1 of each year;
  • Alumni Executive Committee screens the nominations and nominates candidates to the president of the college;
  • The president vets the nominations through the College Council;
  • The president announces and/or presents the awards at the College Convocation Service in April.

Please send nominations to:

Fred W. Martin, Attn: Alumni Committee
Conrad Grebel University College,
140 Westmount Road, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G6

Present a brief case statement for why the alumnus/a you are nominating meets the above qualifications for the award.

You may also nominate for Grebel's award via the University of Waterloo's Alumni website 

Past Recipients

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