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Undergraduate studies

As a Grebel student, you can take a rich variety of liberal arts courses, from first to fourth year, in the disciplines of History, Mennonite Studies, Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology, taught by Grebel professors.

Grebel courses are taught from a worldview informed by the beliefs, traditions and practices of an historically-radical Christian people: the Anabaptist/Mennonites.

You are also welcome to take any University of Waterloo courses.

Who studies at Conrad Grebel University College?

Students who are in any University of Waterloo faculty with any major may take one or more elective courses at Conrad Grebel University College.

If you are pursuing a major or minor in Music, you will normally take all of your music courses at Conrad Grebel, and can also take many of elective courses here. Peace and Conflict Studies students normally take all of their core courses at Conrad Grebel, and may also take many of their content and elective courses at Conrad Grebel.

Grebel students register at University of Waterloo

All undergraduate students taking courses at Conrad Grebel University College must register for their academic programs through Waterloo; upon graduation you will receive your degree from Waterloo. Students wishing to live in residence at Grebel should apply directly to Conrad Grebel.


Conrad Grebel University College offers a wide variety of scholarships, awards and bursaries.