The University of Waterloo through Conrad Grebel University College offers courses on Mennonite Studies that explore a range of topics including Mennonite identities, beliefs, practices, and cultural expressions locally and globally.

See also: Mennonite Studies Minor


Marlene Epp, Professor, PhD (Toronto).

Troy Osborne, Associate Professor, PhD (Minnesota).


The following University of Waterloo Arts course is offered at Conrad Grebel University College:

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MENN 100-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
MENN 125*

Who are the Mennonites?

Fall 2016

*(Previously ARTS 125)  

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MENN 300-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
MENN 390 Special Topics in Mennonite Studies New!
MENN 397 Directed Readings in Mennonite Studies New!

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You can see the complete listing of Mennonite Studies courses at the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar website.

For a list of current and future course offerings visit our site here.