Conrad Grebel University College is an active partner in University of Waterloo's Department of Religious Studies which unites the resources of the four affiliated and federated institutions (Conrad Grebel University College, St. Paul's University College, Renison University College and St. Jerome's University) and the University’s Religious Studies faculty members. Of the wide spectrum of courses taught by the Department of Religious Studies, only Conrad Grebel University College courses are listed below:


Alicia Batten, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).

Jeremy M. Bergen, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).

W. Derek Suderman, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).


Marybeth White, Online Instructor, PhD (Waterloo).

Amanda Witmer, Online Instructor, PhD (McMaster).


The following University of Waterloo Religious Studies courses (RS) are offered at Conrad Grebel University College:

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RS 100-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 100

Online offering: Religions of Asia

Winter 2018

RS 130/JS 131

Big Ideas of the Bible

Fall 2017
RS 152

Introduction to Christian Theology

Winter 2018

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RS 200-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 225

Sacred Beauty: Religion and the Arts

Fall 2018

RS 232/JS 205

The Hebrew Prophets

Winter 2013

RS 235

Jesus: Life and Legacy

Fall 2016; Online: Winter 2018
RS 236/JS 236

Paul: Life and Letters

Winter 2015; Online: Fall 2018

RS 237/JS 237

Insiders and Outsiders in the Bible

Fall 2013

RS 240/HIST 235

History of Christianity Fall 2015
RS 250 History of Christian Thought N/A

RS 256/PACS 320/*TS 636

Christian Approaches to Peacemaking Winter 2014
RS 258 God Winter 2014
RS 260 How to Study Religion Winter 2018

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RS 300-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)

RS 327/CLAS 326

The Body, Dress, and Religion Fall 2017
RS 335 The Violence of the Bible Fall 2018
RS 338/JS 338 Seeking Wisdom in the Bible Winter 2015
RS 343/HIST 379/*TS 645 Reformation History Fall 2018
RS 344/HIST 348/*TS 642 The Radical Reformation Winter 2017
RS 351 Contemporary Christian Thought N/A
RS 353/PACS 330/*TS 637 War and Peace in Christian Theology Fall 2017

RS 357/CMW 363/MUS 363/*TS 652

The Christian Hymn Fall 2017
RS 358/CMW 364/MUS 364/*TS 653 Worship and its Music Fall 2018
RS 380/PACS 326 Religion and Peace Building Fall 2017
RS 387 Aging and the Spiritual Life Winter 2018
RS 391 Special Topics N/A
RS 398 Directed Readings in Special Subjects N/A

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RS 400-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 491

Special Topics                                                         


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*TS 636, 642, 645, 652, and 653 are graduate courses.

You can see the complete listing of RS courses at the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar website.

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