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Religious Studies

Conrad Grebel University College is an active partner in University of Waterloo's Department of Religious Studies which unites the resources of the four affiliated and federated institutions (Conrad Grebel University College, St. Paul's University College, Renison University College and St. Jerome's University) and the University’s Religious Studies faculty members. Of the wide spectrum of courses taught by the Department of Religious Studies, only Conrad Grebel University College courses are listed below:


Alicia Batten, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).

Jeremy M. Bergen, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).

W. Derek Suderman, Associate Professor, PhD (Toronto).


Marybeth White, Online Instructor, PhD (Waterloo).

Amanda Witmer, Online Instructor, PhD (McMaster).


The following University of Waterloo Religious Studies courses (RS) are offered at Conrad Grebel University College:


You can see the complete listing of RS courses at the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar website.

For a list of current and future course offerings visit our site here.