Religious Studies

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Conrad Grebel University College is an active partner in University of Waterloo's Religious Studies Department which unites the resources of the four affiliated and federated institutions: Conrad Grebel University College, United College, Renison University College and St. Jerome's University.

Religious Studies is a flexible program that offers several plans for undergraduate students and includes a wide range of courses. Students can specialize in three main areas: World Religions; Christian Traditions; and Religion, Culture, and Society. Religious Studies can also complement other programs where students can pursue a joint honours degree or a minor.


The following University of Waterloo Religious Studies courses (RS) are offered at Grebel:

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RS 100-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 100

Online offering: Religions of Asia                           

 Online: Winter 2022

RS 110

Religions of the West


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RS 200-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 225

Sacred Beauty: Religion and the Arts

 Fall 2018

RS 232/JS 205

The Hebrew Prophets

Winter 2013
RS 228/JS 228 Big Ideas of the Bible Fall 2021

RS 235/JS 235

Jesus: Life and Legacy

Fall 2016;
Online: Spring 2021
RS 236/JS 236

Paul: Life and Letters

Winter 2015;
Online: Fall 2021

RS 237/JS 237

Insiders and Outsiders in the Bible

Fall 2013

RS 240/HIST 235

History of Christianity Winter 2022
RS 250 History of Christian Thought  
RS 253 (previously RS 152)                   Christianity's Big Questions Winter 2020

RS 256/PACS 320/*TS 636

Christian Approaches to Peacemaking                                       Winter 2014
RS 258 God Winter 2020
RS 260 How to Study Religion Winter 2019

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RS 300-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)

RS 327/CLAS 326/GSJ 327

The Body, Dress, and Religion Fall 2021
RS 335/PACS 336 The Violence of the Bible Winter 2022
RS 338/JS 338 Seeking Wisdom in the Bible Winter 2015
RS 343/HIST 379/*TS 645 Reformation History Fall 2020
RS 344/HIST 348/*TS 642 The Radical Reformation Fall 2021
RS 351 Contemporary Christian Thought  
RS 353/PACS 330/*TS 637 War and Peace in Christian Theology Fall 2020

RS 357/CMW 363/MUS 363/*TS 652

The Christian Hymn Fall 2021  
RS 358/CMW 364/MUS 364/*TS 653 Worship and its Music Winter 2021
RS 380/PACS 326 Religion and Peace Building  
RS 387/*TS 689 Aging and the Spiritual Life Winter 2022
RS 391 Special Topics N/A
RS 398 Directed Readings in Special Subjects N/A

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RS 400-level courses

Course ID                            Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
RS 491 Special Topics N/A
RS 498 Directed Readings in Special Subjects                            N/A

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*TS 636, 642, 645, 652, 653, and 653 are graduate courses.

View the complete listing of RS courses at the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar website.

View a list of current and future course offerings at Grebel.


Jeremy M. Bergen

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theological Studies, and Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies), Religious Studies Department

(519) 885-0220 ext. 24234
Office:  CGUC 2122


Marybeth White, Online Instructor, PhD (Waterloo)

Amanda Witmer, Online Instructor, PhD (McMaster)