Religious Studies

Please see the statement by Sheila Ager, the Dean of the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Arts, on our commitment to stand against racism and to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Welcome to the Religious Studies Department! For more than 50 years, the University of Waterloo has offered courses in religious studies. Religious Studies is a flexible program that offers several plans for undergraduate students and includes a wide range of courses. Students are able to specialize in three main areas: World Religions; Christian Traditions; and Religion, Culture, and Society. Religious Studies is also a great complement to other programs where students can pursue a joint honours degree or a minor.

Our faculty have varied research interests and also contribute to other university departments and programs, including: Sociology, Anthropology, Jewish Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Social Development Studies, Gender and Social Justice, Fine Artsand Graduate Theological Studies.

Our department enjoys the diverse resources of St. Jerome’s UniversityConrad Grebel University CollegeSt. Paul’s University CollegeRenison University Collegeand the Faculty of Arts.

The Department of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo in partnership with the Religion and Culture Department at Wilfrid Laurier University, offers a joint PhD in Religious Studies with a unique concentration on religious diversity of North America.

  1. Nov. 19, 2019Prof. Alicia Batten's interview on the Epistle of James

    Dr. Alicia Batten featured on the Classical Ideas Podcast's hundreth episode on the Epistle of James. She discusses the Epistle of James, Quelle, and the meaning of James in 2019. She dives into history; ancient economics; philosophy; the identity, reception, and interpretation of James; parallels between the letter of James and the teachings of Jesus; and more.

  2. Nov. 11, 2019Prof. Doris Jakobsh's new article on "Sundri, then and now"

    Congratulations to professor Doris Jakobsh on her new article "Sundri, then and now" published by Sikh Formations, Taylor and Francis online.

  3. Oct. 21, 2019Prof. Jeff Wilson's new article: Buddhism without merit

    Congratulations to professor Jeff Wilson on his new article: "Buddhism Without Merit: Theorizing Buddhist Religio-Economic Activity in the Contemporary World", published by the Journal of Global Buddhism.

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