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Scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and the creative arts is needed more than ever. Just look at any major newspaper and you will quickly realize that most of the major problems facing society today cannot be fully grasped without an appreciation of the social, political, cultural or economic contexts in which we live and dream.

- Douglas Peers, Dean of Arts

Join our endeavour to develop engaged and productive individuals and communities. We strive to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a challenging and stimulating environment driven by Waterloo’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Make an investment in our students’ learning experience.

Arts priority projects

Area of highest need

By supporting the area of highest need, you allow the Faculty of Arts to respond with flexibility to address new opportunities and tackle challenges as they arise. Your gifts may support initiatives such as: enhancing the range of student learning experiences; technology renewal; infrastructure needs; or scholarship and awards to help us attract and retain outstanding students and faculty.

Arts 360 Fund

Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Experiential Learning Awards

Experiential learning builds on academic learning. As a founding principle of a University of Waterloo education, experiences beyond the classroom allow our students to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in the real world. It means they are exposed to challenges and encouraged to test their new insights and capacities — and to push beyond their comfort zone. By equipping students with new skills and broad perspectives, experiential learning ensures graduates are ready to make a difference in the real world.

Financial barriers exist for many students. Travel and accommodation costs keep rising, while entry fees for competitions and conferences can be prohibitive. Even local experiential learning opportunities are not feasible for students who must use their non-academic time to earn money.

With your support, students can pursue the knowledge and skills they need for a bright future.

Read more about the Arts 360 Fund (PDF).

Connect 4 Success

Faculty of Arts Research and Travel Grants Fund

Archival research, conference participation, field work and internships provide invaluable opportunities for graduate students working to improve our world through their advanced studies.

While online platforms provide access to masses of information and people, it is the personal interactions and primary research that make the greatest difference in their education. When master’s and doctoral students travel to conferences or research sites, they develop new skills, connect with diverse academics and form professional relationships that inspire future successes.

High costs prevent many brilliant students from pursuing the off-campus activities that are so vital to their education and professional development. With your help, these opportunities are within reach. 

Read more about Connect 4 Success (PDF).

International Study

Arts International Experience Award Fund

In an increasingly globalized world, where geographic, economic and cultural borders are fluid, young people must be skilled at working across environments and cultures. By taking their studies abroad, students enhance their language, leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. They experience first-hand what they have been studying in class, whether it’s an archeological dig or ancient ruins in Greece. They return with maturity, confidence and a new sense of self-reliance — and improved career prospects.

The University of Waterloo offers many opportunities to study, work and grow abroad. Generous donors have made several funds available to support these activities, but travel and living costs continue to rise, a barrier for many students who wish to travel.

Your support would mean more students gain valuable skills and create unforgettable memories abroad.

Read more about supporting students abroad (PDF).


Providing scholarships for the University of Waterloo means helping students reach their goals; without financial aid, many students could not afford to pursue their education and realize their potential. It also means contributing to the University of Waterloo’s reputation as one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada.

Scholarships help attract and retain talented undergraduate and graduate students, providing the support they need to successfully complete their degrees. They also support exciting scholarly and applied research in the humanities, social sciences and creative arts. 

Your support ensures a bright future for our students, whether they use their newfound skills in the private or public sector or continue their path in academia as researchers and educators.

Read more about scholarships (PDF).

If you have any questions about making a gift to Arts, please contact or call Kim Bardwell at 519-888-4567, ext. 37310.