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Scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and the creative arts is needed more than ever. Just look at any major newspaper and you will quickly realize that most of the major problems facing society today cannot be fully grasped without an appreciation of the social, political, cultural or economic contexts in which we live and dream.

- Douglas Peers, Dean of Arts

Join our endeavour to develop engaged and productive individuals and communities. We strive to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a challenging and stimulating environment driven by Waterloo’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Make an investment in our students’ learning experience.

How to donate

  1. Visit the uWaterloo Support page
  2. Select payment method
  3. Select your Waterloo Affiliation, your gift type, and the amount you wish to give.
  4. Under ‘What area would you like to support?' choose 'Other Faculty/College or University Projects' from drop down menu
  5. Under 'Area of Giving', you have two choices:
    1. To support a Faculty of Arts priority project, choose 'Faculty of Arts' from drop down menu under Area of Giving, then under 'Project (Fund)' choose your preferred Arts priority project from drop down menu
    2. To support another fund/project, choose ‘Other Projects’ from drop down menu under Area of Giving, then under 'Project (Fund)' type in the name of the award or scholarship you wish to support.

Arts priority projects

Area of highest need

By supporting the area of highest need, you allow the Faculty of Arts to respond with flexibility to address new opportunities and tackle challenges as they arise. Your gifts may support initiatives such as: enhancing the range of student learning experiences; technology renewal; infrastructure needs; or scholarship and awards to help us attract and retain outstanding students and faculty.

J.G. Hagey Hall for the Humanities Reinvention: Arts Student Space Project

Well-designed spaces encourage and enhance learning by facilitating discussion, collaboration and shared learning opportunities. Engaging campus spaces also allow students to feel proud and connected to their program and studies.

Help us create vibrant, welcoming and productive learning and social spaces for our Arts students. We have been working with architects to develop plans to renovate J.G. Hagey Hall for the Humanities, with construction scheduled to begin in the spring of 2015. Your gift will support the renovation and provide much-needed space for our students. For more information on the project and how you can support, visit the Arts Student Space website.

Undergraduate scholarships

Entrance scholarships allow Waterloo to attract great students with strong potential to succeed. Upper-year scholarships are key to retaining top-performing students, providing the support they need to successfully complete their degrees.

Rewarding talented students for their efforts will make a direct impact on their lives: without the support of scholarships and awards, many of these students could not afford to attend Waterloo to pursue their education and realize their potential.

Your support of undergraduate scholarships is a direct and powerful investment in our students and a wonderful vote of confidence in their abilities and accomplishments.

Graduate scholarships

Our graduate students contribute to our international reputation for excellence and play a vital role in positioning the University of Waterloo as one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada.

Today the Faculty of Arts offers 37 distinct graduate programs that take both scholarly and applied approaches to a rich variety of traditional, innovative and interdisciplinary fields. Rigorous and competitive graduate programs in humanities, social sciences and the creative arts are imperative for today’s rapidly evolving knowledge economy. The expertise of our graduates is applied in private and public sectors and ensures the next generation of teachers and researchers for Canadian universities.

The Faculty of Arts competes with some of the top institutions in the Canada to attract the best graduate students, but we cannot effectively recruit without offering prospective graduate students competitive funding packages. The Faculty has established a new Arts Graduate Endowment Fund to support graduate students across all Arts Departments and programs. Help us to build our capacity for outstanding graduate education.

If you have any questions about making a gift to Arts, please contact or call Kim Bardwell at 519-888-4567, ext. 37310.