Student life

Students cheering during orientation week.

Student groups

Living-Learning communities

A Living-Learning Community is a small group or “cluster” of first-year students who are enrolled in the same academic program or faculty, who share classes, living space, and friendships. In a Living-Learning Community, clusters of 8-16 students from one program are placed within larger residence communities of 40-60 students. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to live near your classmates and to meet people from other academic programs.

Whether you’re staying up late to study for a test or getting together to work on a group project, it‘s reassuring to know that those around you are sharing similar experiences.

  • Living-Learning logo.Arts and Business has its own Living-Learning Community
  • Communities are also available for Faculty of Arts students majoring in Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Social Development Studies.
  • If you're into speaking French, St. Paul's University College features a French residence floor.

Become a Peer Leader

The ARBUS Living-Learning Community recruits upper-year Honours Arts and Business students as Peer Leaders. Peer Leaders develop one-to-one relationships with other students, share their academic experiences, refer students to campus resources, get students involved, and build connections with faculty, alumni, and other upper-year students. See the Peer Leaders page for the application process. 

Arts and Business Student Society

Students in the Honours Arts and Business program are encourage to network with their peers through this society. Connect with the Arts and Business Student Society on FacebookTwitter, or email them at