Work term and PD requirements

In addition to completing four work terms, co-op students in the Faculty of Arts must successfully complete professional development (PD) courses from the Centre for Work Integrated Learning for each work term. These courses help you improve your employability and assist you with making connections between workplace experiences and what you learn in the classroom.  

PD courses do not count towards the total number of academic courses for your Bachelor of Arts degree (e.g. 20.0 units). Arts co-op students are required to take PD courses in addition to their required academic courses.

If you are unsure of your remaining PD requirements please consult with your academic advisor

All Arts co-op students require 4 PD courses: 

  • PD 1 
  • PD 12 
  • PD elective 
  • PD elective 

Co-op students in the Bachelor of Arts programs are scheduled for five work terms. To successfully graduate with the co-op designation, student must receive credit for at least four of the five work terms. If you are considering dropping your fifth work term, please contact your academic advisor to see if this is possible. 

GBDA co-op students must receive credit for all four work terms.