International Exchange

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Internationalizing your degree

Students in the Faculty of Arts are encouraged to go abroad in a number of different ways: academic exchanges, co-op jobs, summer programs, service learning, and more.

Through Waterloo Passport, you'll be able to explore the exchange programs and destinations available to Waterloo Arts students.

Why Go Abroad?

Going on an academic exchange allows you to broaden your world view, enhance your cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, while learning to be adaptable and innovative. All of this while earning credit toward your UW degree!

When can I go?

  • AFM students are eligible to go on exchange in the Fall 4A term only.
  • GBDA students are eligible to go on exchange in their 3A or 4A term.
  • Honours Arts and Honours Arts and Business students are eligible to go on exchange from their 3A term onward. Exchanges in your final 4B term are not recommended and transcript and graduation delays will result.  
  • Honours Arts and Honours Arts and Business and Honours Liberal Studies students can also apply for 2-4 week summer programs that begin before level 3A.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in participating in an academic exchange or study abroad your next step is to attend a mandatory information session. Please visit the Go Abroad Application Steps website for upcoming information sessions and make sure to submit your application by the posted deadlines. The first deadline is October 31 this year.

GBDA Students: Please see the GBDA Go Abroad website to learn more about how an exchange can compliment your degree.