Faculty of Arts Connect 4 Success: Research & Travel Grant Application

Students may apply for this grant to assist with the travel and accommodation costs associated with conducting research for their MA theses/MRPs and PhD dissertations such as conference participation, field work or archival research, or unpaid internships/placements.

The value of each grant will vary depending on the specific budget requirements for the experience and the availability of funds. Students will normally be awarded an amount to help cover their costs rather than covering the full cost of the activity. The value of the grant will be determined by Arts Associate Dean Graduate Studies or designate.

Eligibility and Selection for Student Awards

  • Open to all graduate students enrolled full-time in a Faculty of Arts research-based Masters or PhD program
  • Students should be in good academic standing with a cumulative average of 80% or higher in their program.
  • A short application will be required, with the student outlining the proposal, budget and expected outcomes of their travel/research activity.
  • The student’s supervisor and Department Graduate Officer must approve the application.
  • Activities for consideration may include (and will be prioritized in this order):
    • Travel and / accommodation for conference participation where student will be presenting own research
    • Travel and / or accommodation for field work or archival research
    • Travel and/ or accommodation for an work placement or internship
  • Applications will be accepted at any time throughout the year as opportunities are identified by students.
  • Applications must be received by the Arts Graduate Office at least one month in advance of the travel/research activity.
  • The application adjudication will be administered by the Faculty of Arts Graduate Office, with the Arts Associate Dean Graduate Studies, or their designate making the final decision.
  • The value of the grant will be determined by Arts Associate Dean Graduate Studies or designate.
  • Funds will be provided after the travel/research experience through the submission of a travel claim as per UW Policy 31.

Please download the application, fill and submit it the Graduate Studies and Research Officer, Faculty of Arts.