Faculty Transfer to Arts

If you are enrolled in a University of Waterloo faculty but want to transfer to the Faculty of Arts, this page is for you. If you are an Arts student wanting to change your major or academic plan, please speak to your current academic advisor about a plan modification. If you are an Arts student interested in transferring to another faculty, refer to the Registrar's Office Transferring Faculties page.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to transfer to Arts, there are minimum requirements and things to consider before transferring. Many times a non-degree or a qualifying term is required with permission from your current faculty.

First Steps:

  • Consult with your current academic advisor to discuss options available in your faculty.
  • Consult with a career advisor at the Centre for Career Action to discuss future career planning and to make sure Arts is right for you.
  • Consult with the Faculty Transfer advisor in the Faculty of Arts, Sarah Robertson before filling out or submitting any forms.  
  • For more information book an appointment with the Faculty Transfer Advisor in the Arts Undergraduate Office: PAS 2439, 519-888-4567 ext. 45870. 
  • Math Double Degree students registered at WLU generally need to apply through OUAC again in order to be considered for admission to UWaterloo Arts. If you are a WLU DD Math student in Good or Excellent standing at or above the 2A level wishing to transfer to the Faculty of Arts at UWaterloo, contact Andri for assistance after reviewing your options with your Math advisor.
  • For students attempting a faculty transfer to Arts, the University Communications Requirement (UCR) is assessed and confirmed at the time of transfer.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Depending on your situation, you may be able to transfer into a specific Arts program, plan, or major. Students are often directly admissible to Liberal Studies or, first-year students may transfer to Honours Arts First-Year.

As long as you meet the requirements, transferring directly into a major or program of choice may be an option. Your request is reviewed by the Faculty Transfer advisor in Arts. Please refer to the Arts Academic Plans for specific plan requirements. Remember an honours plan needs a higher plan average and if you aren't directly admitted to the major you want, you can still work towards that major in the future.

Minimum requirements:

  • At least 4 passed UW Arts courses with numeric grades
  • A 65% minimum average in all Arts courses completed, including failed course(s)
  • English Language Requirement

Deadlines and Forms:

  • After you meet with your advisors, you must submit a Faculty Transfer Form to the Arts Faculty Transfer advisor, at least one month before the start of the next term. 
  • Any Petition supporting a transfer to Arts will require the endorsement of the Faculty Transfer advisor, in Arts and your current faculty advisor.
  • A short student statement may be required.

Things to consider:

  • There are 29 Arts majors and numerous minors.
  • If you are a 1A student in your current faculty, your requirements may be different.
  • The maximum number of transfer credits that can be granted by the Faculty of Arts is:
    • 10.0 academic course units for a four-year degree;
    • 7.5 academic course units for a three-year degree.
  •  Are you in co-op now? Do you still want co-op? See the details about co-op eligibility when transferring to Arts below.

Arts and Business Program (ARBUS)


  • In addition to the requirements listed above for the Bachelor of Arts, transferring to ARBUS requires you:
    • Must be admitted to an Honours major plan (70% average) at the 2A level or higher
    • Must have completed at least two Arts and Business required courses with a combined average of 70% average

Deadlines and Forms:

  • After you meet with your advisors, you must submit a Faculty Transfer Form to the Arts Faculty Transfer advisor, at least one month before the start of the next term. 

Things to consider:

  • You cannot exceed more than 6.5 units or 13 courses to be eligible for co-op in ARBUS.
  • If approved for a transfer, your appropriate academic level is based on the number of academic credits you have completed.

    Co-op Eligibility 

    When transferring to Arts, co-op may be an option for you. Please review all the requirements and considerations before requesting your transfer.


    Things to consider:

    • You may be able to continue in co-op past the 2A level if you have already completed one or two work terms in your current or former faculty.
    • Co-op will affect how many terms it takes to complete your degree.

    Global Business and Digital Arts (Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts, BGBDA)

    Applications for Fall 2023 faculty transfer to GBDA are closed. Applications for Fall 2024 transfer are due by March 1, 2024

    • 75% overall cumulative average in your current program
    • 75% average in any non-core GBDA required courses (e.g. ECON 101, CS 105, language course. etc.)
    • English Language Requirement
    • It is recommended that students wanting to transfer to GBDA take one or more of the following courses with a single average (for only one course) or cumulative average (for more than one course) of 75%: ECON 101, CS 105 (or a higher-level CS course), and/or a language course
    • The above requirements do not guarantee admission to the GBDA program


    • Contact the Faculty Transfer advisor in Arts to check your eligibility with GBDA, first. 
    • March 1, 2024 for fall 2024 – Interested non-Arts UW students can submit a Faculty Transfer Form to the Faculty Transfer advisor. Arts students in another program can submit a a Plan Modification Form to the GBDA Admissions Coordinator  for approval. Late forms will not be accepted.
    • December 1 - Arts students in another program wanting to start in the winter term can submit a Plan Modification Form to the GBDA Admissions Coordinator, assuming they have completed some of the first term GBDA course requirements. This is not an option for winter 2024 as the program is currently over capacity. 

    Things to consider:

    • If you decide to enroll in courses after you receive your conditional offer, you may jeopardize your transfer if your average changes. Due to the competitive nature of admissions from high school, your chances at securing a spot is affected by your average.
    • The start date will be in the Fall term at the 1A level, regardless of transfer credits. 
    • First-year courses will occur primarily on main campus. There is one first-year course at the Stratford campus during the winter term. Transportation is provided.
    • ALL second, third, and fourth-year courses occur on the Stratford campus. If you choose to live outside of Stratford, you will be responsible for your own transportation. Please note GBDA advisors will not customize your class schedules based on your transportation arrangements.
    • This is a specialized program, highly competitive and has higher tuition fees.
    • If you are not admitted to GBDA, make sure you have a backup plan – see basic admission requirements for Bachelor of Arts listed above and speak with the Faculty Transfer advisor in Arts.

    School of Accounting and Financial Management programs

    Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management, BAFM                                                                          Bachelor of Sustainability and Financial Management, BSFM 


    • Students must meet the BAFM or BSFM high school requirements. If you have not taken 4U Advanced Functions or Calculus or an equivalent, you will be asked to enroll in MATH 127 to be considered for transfer. 

    • Students must have a minimum 75% cumulative overall average by the end of the Fall term. 

    • Do I need to take some AFM courses to be eligible to transfer? No, your cumulative overall average can come from any course grades. 

    • Successful completion of the SAF Admissions Assessment (SAFAA). At the end of Winter term, the School of Accounting advising team will email students to confirm if their application is being considered for transfer.  

    • If your application is moving forward, you will receive an email in the Winter term with a link to write the online SAF Admissions Assessment (SAFAA) in April 2024. There is a non-refundable fee to complete the SAFAA. 

      Only students who have successfully applied by the February 1 deadline (see below) will be sent a link to the AFMAA.  

    • For students interested in transferring to Sustainabilty & Financial Management (SFM), please contact Kelly Millar


    • How do I apply? To apply to transfer students should submit a Faculty Transfer Form to the SAF advisor by February 1, 2024. You cannot apply via OUAC, the Faculty transfer form functions as the application form. 

    • The above requirements do not guarantee admission to the BAFM or BSFM program and are minimum requirements only. The School of Accounting and Finance takes in a small number of transfer students each year and the process is highly competitive.  

    Things to consider:

    • Can prior courses apply towards the BAFM or BSFM degree? The start date will be in the fall term at the 1A level, regardless of transfer credit.The 1A start is non-negotiable as AFM has required first-year courses. Students beyond 2A can still apply but it is not recommended as successful applicants start in 1A.

    • What if I am not eligible to transfer? If your request to transfer is declined, make sure you have a backup plan. Options include: 

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