Enrolment problems and course overrides

Why won’t Quest let me enroll in a course?

If Quest will not let you add a course, start by determining why you cannot enroll.

  • Is the course offered? Search the Schedule of Classes to ensure that the course is being offered in the term you want to take it.
  • Is there a time conflict? Ensure that the course (including all LEC, LAB, TUT, and DIS components) fits your schedule.
  • Is there a hold on your account? Follow the instructions for removing a hold from your account.
  • Are you getting an error message? See below to figure out what your error message means and how to fix it.

Error messages explained

Below are some of the most common error messages you'll encounter. All error messages are explained on the Quest error messages webpage.

Who do I contact for a course override?

You must start by enrolling in an alternative course. There is no guarantee that an instructor or department will grant you a course override.

Then, find the subject in the list below, and follow the instructions to request a course override.

My request for a course override was approved. What do I do next?

If you are given approval through email, forward the email, with your full name and student ID number, to the Registrar’s Office at They will add you to the course. If an alternate course needs to be dropped to add the approved course, indicate which course should be dropped in the same email to the Registrar's Office.