Enrolment problems and course overrides

Why won’t Quest let me enrol in a course?

Try the following steps to troubleshoot why you are receiving an error message:

1) Search the Schedule of Classes to ensure that the course is offered this term.

2) Determine if there is a time conflict (it could be that the course you are trying to add takes place at the same time as a LEC, LAB, TUT or DIS component that you are already enrolled in). 

3) You are receiving an error message: Below are the most common error messages you'll encounter (please see the Quest error messages webpage if your error message is missing below):

  • Seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements:  Some courses have seats reserved for students in specific programs or years. If you're not in that program/year and the only seats left in the class are reserved ones, you won't be able to enroll. You can see seat reserves on the Schedule of Classes (see also Schedule of Classes Definitions). What to do: Choose another course that has unreserved seats, or locate the course subject below to determine who to request override permission from/what wait list to place your name on.

  • Department consent required: You have to request permission from the department offering this class or the department may have a wait list. What to do: Choose another course, or find the subject in the list below to find the person to request consent from.

  • Prerequisite not met: Prerequisites are conditions you need to meet before you enrol in a class. A class may have a specific course as a prerequisite (for example, PSYCH 101 is the prerequisite for PSYCH 207), or you may need to be in a specific year or program (for example, level at least 2A Speech Communication majors). If a high school course is the prerequisite (for example, 4U French or 4U Calculus and Vectors), Quest can't identify whether you have completed that course. What to do: Take the course in future once you meet the prerequisite. If you have a compelling reason as to why you need to take the course before meeting the prerequisite, or if you have the prerequisite but Quest isn't recognizing it, locate the course subject below to determine who to request override permission from.

  • Maximum unit load exceeded: Arts students can take a maximum of 2.75 units per term (5 courses plus a quarter-credit course like MUSIC 116 or BIOL 130L). In order to take more than 2.75 units, you need a 75% overall average, 10 successfully completed courses at Waterloo, and permission from your academic advisorWhat to do: Contact your academic advisor.

Who do I contact for a course override?

You must start by enrolling in an alternative course. There is no guarantee that an instructor or department will grant you a course override.

To request a course override, locate the course subject below to determine who to request override permission from/what wait list to place your name on. 

If you are given approval through email, forward the email, with your full name and student ID number, to the Registrar’s Office at (Note: if an alternate course needs to be swapped or dropped to add the approved course, please indicate this in your email).